Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S: where to buy Microsoft’s latest console at the best price?

Players know it: while it is now easy to find Xbox Series X for sale, production of Microsoft’s latest console has taken a long time to return to normal. Indeed, if the Xbox Series S very quickly joined the shelves of gamers, the X version suffered significant stock shortages which have only just ended. If you want to be able to surprise your loved ones by offering them an Xbox Series X at the end of the year, don’t hesitate to take advantage now of the current sales at Amazon, Cdiscount, La Fnac, Darty, Culture, Boulanger, Micromania, Auchan. , E.Leclerc or Carrefour. As a reminder, the Xbox Series X is generally available at 499.99 euros and the Xbox Series S at 299.99 euros.

Sites likely to have Xbox Series X in stock:

Not sure which new-gen console to choose? Discover everything you need to know in order to buy the model that will suit you best or that your friends will like the most. If you want to use physical game media, you’ll have to look to version X that has a Blu-Ray drive. Indeed, the Xbox Series S is only compatible with dematerialized games. More powerful with its 12 teraflops processor, the Xbox Series X is capable of supporting 4K. The S format being more compact, it integrates a 4 teraflops processor and has a display quality of 1440 p. On the storage side, you will have 512 GB on the Xbox Series S and 1 TB on the Xbox Series X.

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