Xbox Keystone, Microsoft’s cloud gaming console, is ‘light years away’

Game lovers on the clouds are in danger of coming back to earth after Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, announced that Microsoft had abandoned its USB flash drive project streaming Xbox.

This device of streaming The long-talked-about Xbox, codenamed Keystone, is no longer a viable option, either from a production or usability standpoint. “She was more expensive than we wanted when we built her with the materials we had“, Phil Spencer told The Verge. He cited the wider impact of the cost-of-living crisis on consumer habits as one of the deciding factors behind Keystone’s indefinite hiatus — which makes sense, especially as we prepare for possible price hikes. Xbox prices coming in the new year.

However, those who were eagerly awaiting the “cloud only” device will not be left behind this winter. There are plenty of alternatives that won’t cost you (or Microsoft).

Microsoft has expanded its streaming service under the Xbox Cloud Gaming umbrella. This streaming service on the clouds, which is available on smartphones and connected TVs, has attracted more than 20 million players to date. It gives Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users a simple, portable and completely online way to enjoy their subscription anywhere in the world, and is part of your payment of 14.99 euros per month.

The Xbox Streaming Stick gives you an easy way to take your Xbox Game Pass library on the go. While you can stream games from the Samsung Gaming Hub to modern smart TVs, the service doesn’t work on older devices. With a streaming stick, you can plug the dongle into any TV with an HDMI port, connect to WiFi, and access the Game Pass catalog.

Not an attractive price

However, the cloud gaming still has some notable drawbacks compared to native play. If your Internet connection is not strong, you will experience graphical glitches, buffering, and delays between your inputs on the gamepad and on-screen action. And, even if your internet connection is perfect, you won’t be playing at the 4K resolutions you get on the Xbox Series X. So to be attractive, the Xbox Streaming Stick needs to be significantly more affordable than a current-gen console, like Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. And, given that the cloud gaming is also available on the Xbox One, the streaming stick would compete with that generation of hardware, too.

It seems that Microsoft failed to bring the price of the hardware down low enough to make it competitive. According to The Verge, Microsoft was aiming for a price of $129 or less, but the team struggled to get it below $299. That is why “we have decided to focus the efforts of this team on the delivery of the streaming application for connected television,” Spencer explained.

Elsewhere in the interview, Spencer spoke about the length of Microsoft’s efforts to support gamers through the cost-of-living crisis, and clearly, an exorbitantly priced streaming stick goes against the grain. these plans. The Keystone project could be revived in the futurebut for now, Microsoft’s attentions are elsewhere.

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