Winter tires, fuel discount, energy check…: everything that changes on November 1, 2022

Each beginning of the month brings its share of novelties. At the end of the year, the changes are numerous and concern all sectors: auto, energy, purchasing power, consumption and health. gives you a quick summary of everything that changes 1er November 2022.

Winter tires: obligation without verbalization

From this 1er November, inhabitants of mountainous areas will have to put on their winter tires or have chains in their trunkand this until March 31, 2023.

Since the year 2021, the mountain law aims to strengthen safety in 48 departments exposed to risks related to cold and snow. In the event of non-compliance, motorists must pay a €135 fine.

During the first year of application, the tolerance was required with a desire for sensitivity on the part of the police. This year again, this tolerance period is extended. The Minister of Transport announced that drivers will not be fined, at least, until December 31.

Fuel: the discount of 30 cents until November 15

Gasoline and diesel

A few weeks ago, when the fuel shortage affected a large part of France, the government announced an extension of the discount on the price of fuel:

  • A discount of 30 cents is applied until November 15 ;
  • The discount then goes to 10 cents until December 31st.

Initially, this boost was supposed to end this 1er november. Nevertheless, faced with the unprecedented context facing thousands of motorists, the government wanted to make a move.

Fuel oil: an energy check of €100 to €200 for households

The energy crisis continues, despite a decrease in electricity and gas prices. With the mild temperatures affecting Europe, consumers have some respite.

Nevertheless, to cope with the onset of winter and the possible price increasethe government has put in place a whole arsenal of measures, including a fuel energy check.

This aid concerns households that heat with oil. This check is for 1.6 million households. The amount is allocated according to the number of people in the household as well as household income. For example, if you are alone, without dependent children and you earn the minimum wage, you will receive €100.

How to benefit from it?

  • If you have already received an energy checkyou will receive it at end of november ;
  • If you have never received an energy check, whatever it may be, you must apply online from November 8.
The start of the winter break
It’s not just energy bills that some households are struggling with. Paying the rent is also a real headache. To avoid any situation of expulsion in the middle of a cold period, the winter break begins each year on the 1er November until March 31 of the following year.

Retirement: a revaluation of 5.12%

senior couple

From 1er november, 13 million pensioners benefit from a revaluation of 5.12% of their supplementary pension. This supplementary pension represents 30 to 60% of the amount of the total pension for these people.

This good news for purchasing power concerns the Agirc and Arrco supplementary pension plan. Last year, the revaluation was only 1%. However, the social partners and the plan managers voted for a higher revaluation this year, due to the inflationary context.

ASF: a 50% revaluation

From this month of November, thefamily support allowance, the ASF, is increased by 50%. This social assistance concerns parents raising one or more children alone without child support. Its amount then goes from €122.93 to €184.41 per month and per child.

If you already benefit from the ASF, you do not have to do anything. On the other hand, if you have not yet made the request, you must make it to the CIF (Family allowance fund) or the MSA (Agricultural social mutuality).

Consumption: the extended repairability index

repairability index

Since 1er January 2021, a repairability index is registered in several categories ofappliances and electronics :

  • televisions;
  • Front-loading washing machines;
  • Lawn mowers;
  • Smartphones;
  • Laptops.

From the friday november 4other devices have been added to this list, namely:

  • High pressure cleaners;
  • Dishwashers;
  • Top-loading washing machines;
  • Corded, cordless and robot vacuum cleaners.

The objective of this legislation is to reduce waste by improving the durability of household appliances essential for everyday consumers. This repairability index takes the form of a score out of 10. To better help the consumer in his choice, this note is accompanied by different colours, red representing a very bad index and dark greena very good mark.

Other changes to 1er November 2022

  • The BAFA accessible from 16 years old : it is no longer necessary to wait until the age of 17 to take the exam for BAFA, the certificate of aptitude for the functions of moderator. Young people can now begin their training at the age of 16 ;
  • tobacco-free month : like every year, it’s the return of the Tobacco Free Month in this 1er November 2022. By registering, you benefit from support day after day;
  • Housing tax : the payment limit for this tax is the November 20 for online payment and November 15 for other means of payment.

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