Windows, Microsoft urgently fixes problems with Kerberos authentication

Microsoft is releasing several Windows updates that are supposed to fix failed logins and other issues related to Kerberos authentication.

This patch wave follows the last Patch Tuesday. The firm explains that these bugs are linked to the “updates” offered during the major maintenance in November. One of the main issues is with Windows servers having a domain controller role with Kerberos authentication enabled.

In recent days the errors have multiplied. It was postponed

  • Domain connection problems but also AD FS (Active Directory Federation Services) authentication,
  • Authentication issues with gMSAs used for services such as Internet services (IIS Web server). gMSA stands for Group Managed Service Accounts,
  • Remote Desktop connections using domain users not possible,
  • difficulties in accessing shared folders on workstations and file shares on servers.
  • Unable to print if domain user authentication is used.

On the “General Public” segment, the good news is that all these bugs are unlikely to cause many victims. Why ? The PC must be part of a local domain.

All this little world is corrected through new updates. System administrators are encouraged to download them now. The giant adds

This issue has been resolved in out-of-band updates released November 17, 2022 for installation on all domain controllers (DCs) in your environment. You do not need to install an update or make any changes to other servers or client devices in your environment to resolve this issue. If you used any workarounds or mitigations for this issue, they are no longer needed and we recommend that you remove them.

Patches are part of cumulative updates and standalone updates. For the download here are all the necessary links.

Cumulative updates:

Autonomous updates.

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