Windows 11 update: Microsoft is inspired by this famous software to make your PC faster

News hardware Windows 11 update: Microsoft is inspired by this famous software to make your PC faster

Do you find your computer with Windows 11 too slow for your liking? Good news, Microsoft is about to deploy a new feature to optimize every aspect. To do this, the publisher was inspired by a famous software.

If you’ve ever had the need, or the urge, to spruce up your Windows PC by cleaning up its software, you’ve probably used CCleaner. This program is available in a free version, which is generally enough to clean up a computer that is a bit cluttered with unnecessary files.

It seems obvious that Microsoft was inspired by CCleaner to develop PC Manager, a Windows 11 optimization program that is currently available in open beta. However, the Redmond firm made no publicity about it.

Microsoft PC Manager is available, but…

PC Manager is a software spotted by the Twitter account @ALumia_Italia, which made some screenshots. To be able to install its beta version, you must first go beyond the download page in Chinese on the Microsoft site. It then appears as necessary to have the latest Microsoft Store update to use it. The launch of this beta version remains risky, but users who have been able to activate it find themselves faced with various tabs allowing them to improve system performance, to clean up storage space, or to clean up the list of applications. that run on startup.

When PC Manager rolls for Edge

Among the screenshots seen on Twitter, there is a detail that did not fail to amuse Internet users: it is “Potential Problem” message due to Edge browser not being configured as the default on the machine. Edge is Microsoft’s browser and it’s far from being the most widely used. The American company seems to be trying its luck to motivate Windows 11 users to use it a little more on a daily basis.

Unsurprisingly, Internet users suspect Microsoft of having sought to develop its own CCleaner. Is this a bad thing? Far from it: we can also be surprised that the publisher and manufacturer waited so long to embark on this initiative.

When will the definition version of PC Manager from Microsoft be available?

The answer to this question is very vague. First of all because Microsoft has not clearly communicated on the existence of this software until then. The fact that it is only found on one page of its Chinese site suggests that the launch is not yet planned internationally. However, once the program is installed, it can be used in English, with the indication “public beta” clearly displayed.

We can hope to see PC Manager arrive directly within a future global update of Windows 11. Otherwise, Microsoft will probably communicate on the subject soon, inviting Internet users to download directly.

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