Windows 11, Microsoft offers “one-click” dark mode activation

Microsoft is at the origin of a major work on the Windows 11 desktop. More generally, the operating system benefits from a more modern design with several new features. Dark mode is one of those advancements.

It has even become an essential part of this modern Windows experience to the point that Microsoft continues to improve it. It was discovered recently that a new option allows to activate it in a very fast way and with just one click.

Windows 11 and dark mode

It is revealed on Twitter that this “toggle” makes it possible to switch from light mode to dark mode and vice versa with a minimum of effort. It is no longer necessary to go through several manipulations and go to the Settings of Windows 11. The option appears in the “Quick settings” of the taskbar. A new icon allows you to switch to dark mode in one click.

At this time, we are not aware of any other “significant” improvements. For example, there is an option allowing the automatic activation of the dark mode according to the hours. It could thus appear in the evening and then give back control to the light mode in the morning.

The various works around this mode are intended to make the experience more consistent at the level of the entire OS. This explains for example that the Task Manager now has this dark dress.

Microsoft said last February

We’ve updated the design of Task Manager to match the new design principles of Windows 11. This includes a new hamburger-style navigation bar and a new settings page. A new command bar on each page provides access to common actions.

We’re also excited to bring a dark mode to Task Manager. Additionally, the mode used will automatically match the system-wide theme configured in the Settings app.

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