Windows 11, Microsoft confirms Moment 2 update, what is it?

Microsoft recently released a major update for Windows 11 22H2. Named “Moment 1” it introduced a set of novelties. There were no surprises since all these little people were announced during the launch of 22H2 last September.

Microsoft is not going to stop there. Its teams are currently working on the sequel. Clearly a new “important” update is planned. Referred to as Moment 2, it will roll out in early 2023. There is no exact date as this will happen after the 22H2 upgrade and Moment 1 update have been rolled out.

The firm remains discreet about its content. However, a sort of Preview took place during a webcast on the Windows Insider program YouTube channel. More specifically, Microsoft presented Windows 11 build 23003 according to our colleague Neowin. This release is supposed to be an early release of Moment 2. A discussion took place around the optimized taskbar for tablets and that’s it. So we don’t know much about Moment 2.

Windows 11 and Moment 1

Meanwhile the Moment 1 update brings many improvements. The highlights are

  • File Explorer supports tabs.
  • Suggested actions: Windows can highlight phone numbers or dates to suggest certain actions, such as calling or scheduling an appointment.
  • Taskbar: a new overflow option adds to the menu grouping all the icons that are not visible. Right-clicking again displays a link to Task Manager.
  • Share with multiple devices: Windows Share detects and displays more devices with which files can be shared.
  • Photos app getting better.
  • The Amazon Appstore allowing the installation of Android applications on Windows is available in 31 different countries.
  • The ESPN app is now available in 239 markets.

Additionally, we have File Explorer support for tabs. On this subject Redmond explained

One of our most loved and used features, File Explorer, is getting better. Windows is always looking for ways to simplify your daily tasks and make collaboration as easy as possible. So we are releasing tabs in File Explorer that allow you to easily organize your files and easily switch between your folders. The new Favorites section is the perfect place to pin your most-used files.

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