Windows 11: Microsoft begins rolling out iCloud Photos integration

A few months ago, Microsoft revealed its intention to include iCloud Photos synchronization in the Photos application preinstalled on Windows 11. This novelty allows regulars of Apple devices to enjoy an iCloud experience directly on their PC without needing to migrate to a Mac or to go to the web version of iCloud. Today, Microsoft is announcing that this change is rolling out in the US and internationally.

iCloud Photos in Windows 11

Good news for owners of a PC running Windows 11, Microsoft announced last night the deployment of the automatic synchronization from your iCloud photos to the Photos app which is available on Windows 11.
The famous update that brings this new integration is available on the Microsoft Store, if you don’t see it yet, you have to wait a bit.

Thanks to Windows 11 compatibility with iCloud Photos, iPhone users can see their entire photo library in the Photos app, wherever they are. According to Microsoft, users only need to install the iCloud for Windows app from the Microsoft Store and turn on syncing with iCloud Photos to have their iCloud photos appear in the Photos app.

pictures icloud windows 11

In its blog post, Microsoft explains:

We know that many Windows customers have photo and video collections on their iPhone that they would like to be able to view on their PC. This iCloud Photos integration will make it easier for people with iPhones to have direct access to all of their cherished memories in one organized place and is another step in our ongoing efforts to make experiences on Windows 11 seamless.

Microsoft will continue this approach to the Apple ecosystem starting next year. Indeed, Windows 11 users will be able to benefit from the applications AppleTV and Apple Music directly in the Microsoft Store!
This company strategy is not surprising, because everything is done so that users of an iPhone or iPad feel good about Windows and do not feel the need to migrate to macOS.

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