Windows 11 and Moment Updates, a timeline draws up to Windows 12

The release of Windows 11 22H2 not only introduced many new things. We also have signs that Microsoft will release a new version of Windows every three years.

This ends the annual feature update cycle at the heart of Windows 10’s evolution. This is why this approach was discontinued with Windows 11. It was replaced by the release of “Moment” updates. The latest reports on this indicate that at least three more “Moment” updates are in development. Clearly, the Windows 11 evolution schedule would be recorded, making it possible to trace the road to the next big step, Windows 12.

Windows 11, Microsoft is preparing at least 3 other Moment updates.

We recently witnessed the official launch of the very first Moment update, Moment 1. It was released last October with important features like file explorer tab support, suggested actions or a taskbar overflow option and improvements for the Photos app. Moment 2 has already been confirmed. Its development began through the Windows Insiders program.

We also have leaks regarding Moment 3. The update would be on Microsoft’s release schedule but the information stops there. We don’t have details. Its existence would however no longer be hypothetical due to a leak on Twitter revealing his internal test ID at Microsoft. Interestingly, a fourth identifier was also leaked by the same source.

This data suggests that we would have a fairly precise vision of the development schedule for the various “Moment” updates for Windows 11 in order to arrive slowly but surely at Windows 12.


Considering the speed at which these IDs are generated it is not impossible that they represent something totally different. We would then not be in the presence of a test planning around future “Moment” updates targeting Windows 11. The answer could lie in the appearance or not of a fifth test ID. If it is added to the calendar, the probability that it is a test planning ID for “Moment” updates becomes lower…

Case to follow

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