Windows 11 22H2, Microsoft confirms performance issues

Microsoft confirms performance issues on Windows 11 22H2. The operating system is the victim of a bug causing a decrease in performance whenexecution ofapplications and games.

At the moment the failure appears as if applications enable GPU performance debugging features. Of course this should not happen. Faced with the situation Microsoft decides to block the Windows 11 2022 Update on PCs likely to encounter the problem.

Redmond explains

Some games and apps perform below expectations or experience “stutters” on Windows 11, version 22H2. Affected games and applications inadvertently enable GPU performance debugging features that are not intended for consumer use. To protect your upgrade experience, we’ve applied a compatibility hold on devices affected by this issue.

Windows 11, a patch is in development

While waiting for a fix, a workaround exists. Microsoft indicates that it is necessary to try to update the applications and games concerned by adopting the latest versions available. In theory this should resolve the situation.

If you are already using Windows 11 22H2 and are experiencing this issue, you may be able to fix it by updating your games and game-related apps to the latest versions available. If you don’t know how to update the games and apps you have installed, you should consult the developer of those games and apps, but most will update automatically through the store where they were purchased or directly when their opening.

A fix is ​​already in the works. We don’t have a release schedule.

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