Windows 11 22H2, Microsoft announces a bug with remote desktop

Windows 11 22H2 is rolling out and Microsoft is watching the process closely. The objective is to identify bugs as quickly as possible in order to limit the number of victims.

Recently the giant detected a problem affecting Remote Desktop (remote desktop). The app no ​​longer works after the installation of Windows 11 2022 Update is complete. This failure only occurs if the connection relies on the Remote Desktop Gateway or a Remote Desktop Connection Broker. As a result, the probability that the general public will be strongly impacted is low. This also means that this bug mainly concerns professionals and companies.

After installing Windows 11 22H2 (also known as Windows 11 2022 Update), the Windows Remote Desktop app may become unresponsive when connecting through a Remote Desktop Gateway or Remote Desktop Connection Broker . Microsoft explains that an error message is possible but not certain.

The version of Windows running on the remote computer makes no difference. The problem is encountered as soon as Windows 11 22H2 is installed regardless of the version of Windows used by the remote computer. While waiting for a fix, a workaround is proposed. It simply involves terminating the Remote Desktop application using Task Manager. This allows you to regain control but does not solve the problem.

Another solution is proposed. It passes a special Group Policy however Remote Desktop sessions that connect over WAN then experience poor performance. It is therefore not recommended

Microsoft is working on a full patch but we don’t have a release schedule.

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