Windows 10, the desktop or the taskbar disappears? a patch is urgently deployed

Microsoft urgently fixes a bug causing the desktop or taskbar to disappear in Windows 10. The solution is deployed through the Known Issue Rollback (KIR) service.

In its intervention, the software giant indicates that it has solved a critical problem in Windows 10. A failure causes the desktop or the taskbar to disappear. Users are also victims of an unresponsive system. In some cases, a restart can regain control but it is not a solution. The problem may reoccur.

Redmond explains

You may encounter an error in which the desktop or taskbar may disappear momentarily, or your device may stop responding. If you cannot use the resolution below, you can alleviate this problem by restarting your Windows device.

Through an update published on November 16, Microsoft explains that it has corrected this critical problem via KIR, a contraction of Known Issue Rollback. The giant specifies

This issue is resolved using Known Issues Rollback (KIR). Please note that the resolution may take up to 24 hours to automatically propagate to consumer devices and unmanaged business devices. Restarting your Windows device may help the patch apply faster. Corporate-managed devices that have installed an affected update and experienced this issue can resolve it by installing and configuring a special Group Policy.

The bug affects all versions of Windows 10 while the fix is ​​rolling out to all versions still supported. Note that you don’t have to do anything to get this patch. The KIR system makes the changes without requiring your intervention.

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