Windows 10 and KB5018482, what’s new?

Microsoft is releasing a new Windows 10 cumulative update, KB5018482. This is an optional Preview version.

Clearly its download and installation are not automatic. It is necessary to intervene manually in Windows Update. KB5018482 offers some of the content planned for the next Patch Tuesday (November 2022). It is not about security. The focus is bug fixing.

Windows 10 update KB5018482, focus on bug fix

Microsoft explains to us that this update brings solutions to several important problems. One of them makes it impossible to upgrade the operating system. In some cases, the process becomes unresponsive and eventually fails.

We have a fix for the font of three Chinese characters that had a width issue when bolded. Players benefit from a patch to fix an issue affecting games under Direct3D 9. Graphics hardware stops working if it does not have a native Direct3D 9 driver. We are also fixing graphical issues in games that use Microsoft D3D9 on some platforms.

For its part, Microsoft Edge benefits from a Patch targeting IE mode. Titles of popups and tabs are wrong. The giant explains that it has fixed a problem with the lasso tool in a graphics editing program and a bug with the start of summer time in Jordan.

To install all this little world immediately it is necessary to intervene manually to trigger the download and installation. There are two possible approaches, Windows Update or manual download via the Microsoft Update Catalog service.

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