Why did Microsoft become a new telecom operator in France?

The computer giant has obtained the green light from Arcep to become a new telecom operator in France. Teams users will be able to have phone numbers.

A new operator has just entered the telecom market and it is well known since it is the American giant Microsoft. The Communications Regulatory Authority (Arcep) authorized the company at the end of September to provide Teams users with telephone numbers, reports the media the Informed.

Users of Teams video conferencing and messaging software can now make or receive calls from any mobile or landline. Thus, companies could decide to centralize all communications on Microsoft’s software alone.

In this way, the American giant comes to compete with other operators, particularly with regard to professionals and businesses. A snub to competitors like Orange Business Services.

The Teams Phone offer

However, making a request to Arcep requires numerous constraints, such as being able to make emergency calls, or being able to respond favorably to a request for telephone tapping from a judge. The last company that made a request to Arcep was Skype in 2014 and it was unsuccessful even though a prosecutor had lent a hand to get the Authority to accept.

Microsoft intends to deploy on a global scale on the telecom market since the firm has just unveiled Teams Phone. This new offer, in the test phase in the United States, allows users to obtain this famous Microsoft telephone number through the Teams software.

According to Microsoft, Teams last January had nearly 270 million users assets. The American giant is counting on this solid base of employees and companies to get them to use Teams Phone.

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