Who wants to shop in augmented reality with connected lenses and Amazon Alexa?

What if it was possible to see a shopping list appear in your field of vision thanks to connected contact lenses? This is the objective of a partnership announced this Thursday, November 3, 2022 between Mojo Vision and Amazon. The Californian start-up said it is conducting integration tests to implement the Alexa Shopping List functionality to Mojo Lens, its connected lens prototypes.

A MicroLED screen on the lenses

The Californian start-up designs lenses incorporating a MicoLED screen hidden under an artificial iris to display information in augmented reality. This connected lens is still at the prototype stage but Mojo Vision is studying different use cases. The idea is to show the potential of its contact lenses through a whole range of consumer applications.

“With Alexa, Amazon is fundamentally improving the way people interact with technology using voiceexplains Mike Wiemer, CTO and co-founder of the start-up. Mojo Vision sees a similar opportunity, but with eyes. Vision plays a vital role in how we perceive and interact with the world, and Mojo Lens will help people access information quickly without distracting from the world around them.”

A product far from seeing the light of day

With this partnership, Mojo wants to show how the voice assistant and the connected lens can interact by integrating Alexa with Mojo’s eye interface. The use case features someone accessing their shopping list when they are in the store without needing to use their hands for this since it appears in their field of vision thanks to the Mojo Lens. He can check the list and validate the products purchased as he goes by using the movement of his eyes. At the same time, a user can ask Alexa to add products to the list which is immediately updated on Mojo lens.

But this partnership is far from leading to a possible product. The product of Mojo remaining for the moment far from a hypothetical commercialization. Beyond these applications for the general public – Mojo has also forged partnerships with many sports brands – the start-up plans to offer its Mojo Lens to visually impaired people with the aim of correcting certain visual disabilities.

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