Who is Leocare? Discover a new generation insurance that offers 100% mobile contracts

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Wondering who Leocare is? This is the future of insurance! With more than 650,000 downloads and thousands of customers across France, the start-up brings a breath of fresh air to the insurance sector thanks to its innovative approach. Do you want insurance that protects you without hurting your budget? You can count on Leocare, its application and its Leoadvisors. Discover without delay the advantages of this new generation insurance.

What insurance does Leocare offer?

  • Leocare home insurance

Leocare offers different types of insurance. Among them, there is home insurance through which your home, namely the walls and movable property, is protected against all claims. Three formulas are offered: Eco, Medium and Premium. So you can freely define your coverage according to your needs. The Eco formula offers all guarantees except those related to electrical damage. The Medium and Premium formulas stand out with superior securities guarantees. They are 7,000 euros and more for Medium and Premium home insurance. Note that you have the option of choosing the value of your movable property up to 15,000 euros.

Home insurance may include other benefits such as school insurance. This protects your children against damage caused or suffered whether they are in school, college or high school. It also allows you to obtain a certificate for your roommates and a telework certificate. Leocare home insurance includes many services such as compensation for transport or accommodation costs in the event of theft, fire or water damage. Coverage of childcare costs or home help is offered in the event of immobilization. Domestic incident assistance covers the travel expenses of a repairman and the SOS Clefs service covers the intervention of a locksmith.

  • Leocare car insurance

Leocare car insurance offers a full range of guarantees. It is possible to opt for a Third Party formula covering the basic risks, the Third Party+ formula, more elaborate, or even the All Risks cover. Leocare offers guarantees adapted to each driver while respecting his budget. New generation insurance goes further by including free 0 km assistance for breakdown assistance in all of its contracts. In the event of a breakdown, you are therefore taken care of even at the bottom of your home. Similarly, all formulas include the loan of a vehicle while yours is immobilized. The body protection of the driver can reach one million euros. As is the case with home insurance, additional guarantees exist. Among them, there is the possibility of insuring a second driver. Many services supplement the guarantees of the insurance such as breakdown assistance and towing, the assumption of the expenses of the taxi, the hotel or transport. So, even in case of worries, you can stay calm!

The price of Leocare car insurance has many advantages. The prices are very competitive since they are 25% cheaper than the competition. 0km assistance with loaner vehicle is free and included on all formulas, namely Third Party, Third Party+ and All Risks. After subscription, the insured immediately has his certificate. He can therefore take the wheel without waiting. In case of troubleshooting, it is possible to follow the tow truck in real time from the application.

  • Leocare motorcycle insurance

Leocare motorcycle insurance has the same characteristics as car insurance. Three formulas exist, namely Third Party, Third Party + and All Risks. The offer is distinguished by specific features designed for owners of two-wheelers. For example, your insurance offers a deductible of €0 on equipment and accessory guarantees. By subscribing to motorcycle insurance with Leocare, you also benefit from a subscription to Liberty Rider, the guardian angel of motorcyclists. The application allows you to drive with complete peace of mind and even to find new routes. In the event of an accident, a GPS locates you and can even notify the emergency services. The major advantage of motorcycle insurance is the wintering option. It gives the possibility of activating the wintering of the vehicle. The formulas provide for 150 days. Also, when the weather is bad or because you don’t use your two-wheeler, you don’t pay unnecessarily. Not using your motorcycle? Take your smartphone and activate wintering from the app for up to 150 days!

The Leocare application, the 100% mobile insurance tool

If Leocare is a new generation insurance, it is because it offers totally dematerialized services. Policyholders can carry out all of their procedures from the application. It is innovative and has all the essential features. Easy to learn, the Leocare application gives you the opportunity to read your contract which, let’s remember, is a single formula, but also your guarantees. With just a few clicks, you know the amounts of your cover, the rates, the goods insured and the people covered by the insurance.

Still from the application, you can modify and personalize your offer by activating and deactivating the various guarantees offered. For car insurance, you can add or modify a secondary driver at any time. If you wish to declare a claim, the application will accompany you in your steps and can even put you in contact with customer service. The transmission of photos and documents is possible from this space, as is video conferencing with an expert advisor.

Would you like to subscribe to one of the Leocare offers? To do this, you just need to use the app. Subscription is also possible from the leocare.eu website. Like 100,000 policyholders, take advantage of an advantageous rate, 25% less expensive, and real-time monitoring of your guarantees and claims.

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