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Among current savings solutions, life insurance is one of the most popular investments. It can be subscribed, in particular online, with many distributors: insurer, mutual, wealth advisor, broker, provident institution, but also of course with banks and their insurance subsidiaries. Among these numerous banks, which one stands out? Where can you benefit from the best return and the best offer?

How to succeed in your life insurance comparison in 2022?

It is difficult to establish a general ranking which would elect THE best bank of the moment in terms of life insurance, for the simple and good reason that according to the criterion chosen, the ranking will be different. To compare what is comparable, it is therefore necessary to evaluate the offer of a bank and its competitors on the same criterion, by sorting for example according to the average yield of the euro funds, or else according to the management fees, by payment initial on joining or with regard to the investment universe available.

The range of contracts is very wide, and you should know that the same insurer can distribute its contracts through different establishments with different conditions. You can easily give up or, out of weariness, take the first contract offered. By comparing, the products with the best value for money will begin to appear and you can then request quotes.

Financial performance, the main criterion

Financial performance remains one of the most evocative criteria, in other words, life insurance with the best return in euro funds deserves attention. Look for an average over the previous years, the result is more significant than a simple point figure that could be attributed to particularly healthy financial markets and not to the relevance of your euro fund. Also find out about the rates paid each year relating to the performance of the units of account.

Be careful, however, because this does not prefigure future performance which remains, as their name suggests, unpredictable. We will tend to favor contracts with the best history of euro funds (2% remuneration for the best) and the best ranges of units of account, to the wide choice of well-rated investments, including index funds (ETFs or trackers ) and real estate vehicles (SCPI, OPCI, SCI, etc.) in addition to equity funds.

Fewer costs, more profitability

Note that the more you minimize the various costs relating to the contract, the less you will lose in return. It is therefore useful to compare entry fees, membership fees, management fees, arbitration fees, redemption fees, movements… that charge 0% exist. Management fees of around 0.60% per year on unit-linked units seem reasonable.

Also take into account the type of contract (single or multi-support, knowing that the second is the norm today), the amount and terms of payment, the nature of the supports offered (euro funds, unit-linked funds, euro funds boosted with equities or real estate, etc., as well as the number and nature of these units of account (size of companies, themes, geographical areas, etc.). The type of unit-linked management is also a criterion not to be underestimated. In case of free management, the question does not arise, it is you who manage your units. But in the case of managed management, you might as well choose an insurer who has a perfect knowledge of the markets and who you can count on to manage your investments as well as possible.

Life insurance, a personalized and customizable product

To choose your bank, personalize your search, focus on the criteria that are most important to you and that correspond to your financial objectives, which often vary from one saver to another: building up precautionary savings, anticipating the future financing of a personal project, diversify your investments for more security, prepare for your retirement, optimize your tax system, pass on your personal assets… The ranking of the best banks will depend on your strategy.

Next, consider defining your risk profile. How much latitude are you willing to allow yourself? If the euro fund guarantees your capital no matter what, units of account, although much more profitable, present more risk of loss. Are you a cautious, balanced, dynamic investor? Determining your risk aversion can help guide your choice.

Popular life insurance

It is often more efficient to go through online brokers such as Linxea, Yomoni, Nalo, Assurancevie.com or Placement-direct rather than going directly to your bank branch. They negotiated the contracts upstream at the best conditions, know that your money stays with the traditional insurer, the broker being only an intermediary.

Online banks such as Boursorama, Hello bank!, Fortuneo or Monabanq, can offer more competitive rates than traditional banks, due to the dematerialization of their services. Some accompany the opening of a life insurance contract with welcome bonuses. They often offer a low initial payment and offer a very good choice of investment vehicles, which can satisfy savers who are not very demanding as well as the most specialized.

Finally, the best-placed life insurers are often found with large, solid insurers, such as Crédit Mutuel Suravenir, Crédit Agricole Spirica or Aviva, which has become Abeille Assurances. However, other less famous insurers offer very relevant life insurance, such as Swisslife, Apicil or Generali. You can also set your sights on life insurance contracts with eco-responsible investments if that better suits your ethics.

There is no better life insurance

In the end, there is really no better life insurance. It all depends on your investor profile. Before committing to a particular contract, take the time, using online tools, to compare the best offers according to the strategy you have defined. And if you are pursuing not one but two different objectives, you should also know that you can take out several life insurance contracts, their number not being limited. You can thus choose to secure your capital on one side and boost it on the other, by selecting the most appropriate insurance for each strategy. In any case, it can’t hurt to play the competition…

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