what to remember on the 248th day of the Russian invasion


The Russian military on Saturday blamed Ukraine and Britain for the massive drone strike targeting its Black Sea fleet in Crimea, a peninsula annexed by Moscow, which caused “minor damage” to one of the ships. “The preparation for this terrorist act and the training of military personnel of the 73rd Ukrainian center for special maritime operations was carried out by British specialists based in Ochakov in the Mykolaiv region of Ukraine,” the Russian Defense Ministry said. Telegram. These ships participated in the protection of convoys responsible for the export of Ukrainian grain, according to Moscow.

Information to remember:

  • Moscow suspends participation in Ukrainian grain export agreement
  • A drone attack on the Russian fleet in Crimea allegedly took place, Moscow accuses London and Kiev
  • Russia accuses Britain of involvement in Nord Stream gas pipeline explosions

Russia says it repelled a Ukrainian drone attack on its navy in Crimea

Russia’s military said Saturday it repelled a massive drone attack on its navy in Sevastopol Bay in annexed Crimea, which it blamed on Ukraine and Britain, and which damaged a ship. Crimea, annexed in March 2014 by Russia, after an intervention by its special forces and a referendum on affiliation condemned by Kiev and the West, serves as the headquarters of this fleet and as a rear logistics base for the Russian offensive in Ukraine. Military and civilian installations have been targeted there several times in recent months.

Pro-Russian authorities on the peninsula announced early Saturday morning that ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet had repelled a drone strike in Sevastopol Bay and that all vessels had been shot down. “No installation in the city has been affected. The situation is under control,” said the pro-Russian governor of the city, Mikhail Razvojayev.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported “minor damage” to the minesweeper Ivan Goloubets as well as to the bay’s containment dam. “The preparation for this terrorist act and the training of the military personnel of the 73rd Ukrainian center for special maritime operations was carried out by British specialists based in Ochakov, in the Mykolaiv region of Ukraine,” the Russian Defense Ministry said on Telegram.

Razvozayev referred to “the most massive attack by drones and remote-controlled surface vessels on the waters of Sevastopol Bay in history” during the conflict in Ukraine. According to Moscow, the attack involved “nine unmanned aerial vehicles and seven autonomous maritime drones” and targeted ships that help secure convoys responsible for exporting Ukrainian grain under an agreement reached under the auspices of the United Nations and Turkey. Russia recently criticized the deal, claiming that its own grain exports were suffering because of the sanctions.

Russian military accuses London of involvement in Nord Stream gas pipeline explosions

The Russian army on Saturday accused London of being involved in the explosions that caused it leaks in September on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea, built to transport Russian gas to Europe. “Representatives of a British naval unit were involved in the planning, logistics and execution of the terrorist act in the Baltic Sea on September 26 to undermine the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines,” the Russian Defense Ministry said on Telegram.

Russia has repeatedly complained that it was not included in the international investigation into these Nord Stream leaks, which occurred after alleged sabotage. The Swedish judiciary announced on Friday its intention to carry out a new inspection of the gas pipelines, as did the Nord Stream consortium, which sent a civilian ship under the Russian flag.

Britain’s Ministry of Defense on Saturday condemned Moscow’s “false claims” to “divert attention” after the Russian army accused Britain of involvement in the explosions on the North gas pipeline Stream and a drone strike.

“To distract from its disastrous handling of the illegal invasion of Ukraine, the Russian Ministry of Defense is resorting to spreading false claims on an epic scale,” UK defense tweeted. “This fabricated story says more about the infighting in the Russian government than it does about the West,” the British ministry added.

Moscow suspends participation in Ukrainian grain export agreement

Russia announced on Saturday it was suspending its participation in the agreement that ensures the continuation of Ukrainian grain exports, which are crucial for food supplies to poor countries, after the attack by drones that had targeted Russian ships in Crimea in the morning.

“In view of the terrorist act carried out by the Kiev regime with the participation of British experts against ships of the Black Sea Fleet and civilian ships involved in the security of grain corridors, Russia suspends its participation in the implementation of the agreement on the export of agricultural products from Ukrainian ports,” announced the Russian Ministry of Defense on Telegram.

Ukraine on Saturday condemned the “false pretext” of the attack on Crimea, which Russia used to justify the suspension of the agreement on grain exports, and called for pressure to ensure that Moscow “respects its obligations”. “Moscow is using a false pretext to block the grain corridor that provides food security for millions of people. I call on all states to demand that Russia end its hunger games and recommit to fulfilling its obligations,” said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba d .Twitter.

The UN calls for the agreement to be preserved.

Russia to the UN to condemn these attacks

Russia announced on Saturday that it intended to raise the issue with the UN Security Council over the drone strike, which targeted the Sevastopol bay in annexed Crimea, and the explosions that damaged the Nord Stream gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea in September. “The Russian side intends to draw the attention of the international community, including through the UN Security Council, to the series of terrorist attacks committed against Russia in the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea, including with the involvement of Great Britain,” spokeswoman for Russian diplomacy Maria Zakharova said on Telegram.

Russian state media journalist killed during firing exercise in Crimea

A journalist from a Russian state media was killed in an accident during a shooting exercise at a military training ground in Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula annexed in 2014 by Russia, its newsroom announced. Svetlana Babaeva, head of the Crimean branch of media conglomerate Rossia Segodnia, “died at one of the military training grounds in Crimea, where shooting exercises were conducted”, the media said on Friday, cited by the Russian news agencies, without further details.

Ms. Babaïeva worked for many years for this public conglomerate, which notably includes the Ria Novosti press agency or the Sputnik group, with posts in London or the United States. Dmitry Kisseliov, who heads the group and is considered one of the country’s leading propagandists, paid tribute to the memory of a “warm person who strongly supported Russia” and who “wanted to support our heroes” in Ukraine. Svetlana Babaeva was “a high-level professional with solid journalistic experience”, he added.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov praised him as a “multitalented journalist” who was once part of a presidential pool. “For many years we have worked together”, Peskov told Russian media. The spokesperson for Russian diplomacy, Maria Zakharova, or even officials of the Russian occupation of Ukraine, also praised the journalist’s memory on social networks.

Born in 1972, Svetlana Babaeva started working at Rossia Segodnia shortly after a controversial overhaul that saw the Russian state tighten its control over the conglomerate. Since 2019, she has been his correspondent in the Crimean city of Simferopol, a peninsula annexed by Russia and which today serves as a rear base for its offensive in Ukraine.

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