what are you eating Danny MacAskill?

We had to wait until Danny MacAskill done laughing before you know if nutrition was one of his top priorities. “Let’s just say it’s not at the forefront of my daily life. But I do everything in moderation.”

This relaxed attitude to good food is not uncommon among freestyle riders, for whom perfecting a line is more important than pure performance and the pursuit of marginal gains.

That said, MacAskill obviously doesn’t spend his time gorging on burgers and milkshakes. After all, it must be able to withstand repeated impacts and remain light enough to properly ride on the lines it imposes. What he does with mastery in his latest video, Postcard from San Francisco.

He thus explains “considering certain foods as fuel, to give my body what it needs. Namely proteins, vegetables, salad and so on.” But beware, Danny also admits to eating “anything [le] makes you happy.” And which therefore allows him to remain positive when he tries the same trick 200 times.

But we’ll let him tell us more below:

How do you prepare for a movie day?

I like to eat a big breakfast because I know that sometimes I will have to make several hundred attempts at a single shot. So I try to eat a little more than the crew. For shots that started early in San Francisco, I would take, say, porridge or eggs on toast.

And what do you eat during a session?

The benefit of these hundreds of trials is that I am lucky enough to be able to eat whatever I want. And one of the things that stood out to me the most about San Francisco was that everyone there gave me great food recommendations.

Lunch break during filming

© Dave Mackison

In the sandwich shop where we went for lunch, for example, I always had Valencia. A kind of turkey sandwich with house salad. I saw it as my reward if I managed to get the trick in before I ate. But it didn’t often work.

Do you drink Red Bull while working out?

I like to drink it when I start to get into the thick of it, within the last hour and a half. You should know that if I get a trick in less than 50 tries, it’s probably not hard enough.

Red Bulls home break

Red Bulls home break

© Dave Mackison

So to concentrate on this last straight line of filming, I take a fresh Red Bull. Just when your body is warm and you rely on your muscle memory to land the trick. You know you will succeed, but don’t give up and try not to get upset.

And what do you eat with your friends to relax after filming?

Surely a grill with great classics. Chicken, steaks, vegetables and a good salad. I love barbecues, partly because they involve no special timing and are fun for everyone. I want to start making special sauces, but I tend to keep it simple.

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