What are the must-have cowboy boots on Amazon?

How to choose a model of cowboy boots?

Santiags are boots originating from the United States. They are originally worn by cowboys, and are popularized by western movies. Over time, they have changed in shape, but the base is still the same. They are now fashion accessories that can be associated with modern clothes.

  • The particularities of the Santiags

They are also called cowboy boots or western boots. At first, they were only worn by vaqueros or cowboys, the guardians of cows and fighting bulls. Cowboy boots are born in northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. Originally, they were made with cowhide leather, but now they are also made with exotic skins such as ostrich, alligator, lizard, elephant or buffalo skin.

Their appearance has gradually changed under the influence of trends and fashion. Today, cowboy boots are among the most popular boots in the world. Accessible to everyone on the market, they can easily be combined with different styles of clothing.

  • The criteria for choosing cowboy boots

The leather in which the cowboy boots are designed is known to expand. It is therefore recommended to measure the feet to find the suitable size. All the Santiags are equipped with heels, which makes it possible to perform country dance steps. Depending on preference, heels are usually between 1.9 and 5 cm. If before the Santiags were always with thick heels, now, they also exist in stiletto heels.

  • The different forms of cowboy boots

Depending on individual preferences, it is possible to choose from different forms of cowboy boots. Classically shaped ones are small at the end with a pointed, rounded tip. The wide square shape is very comfortable, as it offers enough space for the toes. The pointed shape is usually accompanied by stiletto heels, ideal for special occasions. The square shape stands out for its style, but is generally not recommended for prolonged wear. The rounded shape is the most comfortable. It is suitable both for walking and as a fashion accessory.

  • The choice of cowboy boot colors

There is a wide variety of colors for cowboy boots. Some are sober, while others are very colorful. Style associations are thus simplified. Some models have patterns or marked seams. Models without patterns have a much more discreet side, and are suitable for the professional environment for example.

Whatever the material in which they are designed, the Santiags need to be maintained. Before committing to buying a pair of cowboy boots, it is important to know how to care for leather. To do this, they must be washed with leather soap or cleaning milk once every two weeks. Being a living material, it will also be necessary to nourish and moisturize the leather with a cream provided for this purpose.

Our choice: vintage-style mid-calf cowboy boots

These Rocket Dog mid-calf boots directly reminiscent of the western style. Available in several sizes, they are available in black and dark brown. Offered at an affordable price, these cowboy boots go perfectly with jeans or leggings for a streetwear look.

This style is our favorite thanks to its rounded tips and cute knotted bow. These boots are made of a synthetic material with an easy-care tartan lining. They have imitation stacked heels to add a chic touch.

Colorful cowboy boots suitable for all styles

The Elara mid-calf cowboy boots are available in multiple colors for easy pairing with other garments. The colors offered start with classic black, through Toulon beige to Vichy red. They’re made from synthetic leather, which means they’re easy to care for and won’t stretch out.

We liked this model for its versatility, allowing them to be worn freely with jeans, dresses, etc. Apart from their design, they are very comfortable and can be worn throughout the day. They have the advantage of being suitable for everyday use or for special occasions.

Very comfortable mid-calf cowboy boots

The If brand favors comfort with its mid calf western cowboy boots. This model features a pointed toe, but surprisingly comfortable on the toes. The sizes fit directly, so there is no need to measure your feet.

We chose this model for its very detailed finishes which are directly reminiscent of the western style. Without any closure, these cowboy boots slip on easily up to mid-calf. Designed in synthetic leather, they are easy to maintain.

Cowboy boots with side fringes

These If brand cowboy boots stand out for the fringes they present on the outer side. They go up to the calf and have a zipper so they can be put on and taken off easily. Their cowboy touch gives them an authentic side and allows them to display a vintage grunge style.

We liked these boots for the quality materials in which they are made. Even if the cowboy boots originate from Mexico, these models are directly produced and sold from Italy. According to international standards, they are resistant and easy to maintain.

Cowboy boots with colorful patterns

Nothing better to give character to an outfit than Elara brand cowboy boots. Very elegant, these cowboy boots are available in several colors such as Rezé white, Agde black, Nizza khaki, Reims blue, Rezé red and Nancy camel.

We suggested this model for its elegant patterns and chunky heels. Easy to wear, these boots combine freely with jeans and a shirt, or with a dress and a sweater. The materials in which they were designed are of high quality and require little maintenance. They are therefore suitable for different situations, in everyday life, at work or for special occasions.

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