What are the criteria for choosing auto insurance? –

To be able to drive legally, car insurance is mandatory. Several possibilities are available to you: third-party insurance, all risks, per kilometer. For each owner of a vehicle, whether he drives it or leaves it in the garage, insurance is essential. Before making your choice, it is strongly advised to analyze the various criteria, the price, the guarantees, the deductible, the services, the location. You will be able to choose the auto insurance best suited to your situation.

Price and level of coverage for choosing car insurance

The price is often a determining factor in the choice of insurance. The longer the warranties, the higher the cost. To get an idea of ​​the price, the simplest solution is to make an online quote via a comparator. Several levels of coverage exist. Third-party insurance, only damage caused accidentally to a third party is covered. Intermediate insurance, many guarantees can be offered: fire, glass breakage, natural disasters, fire. Comprehensive insurance is popular because it provides maximum protection. It covers most material damage caused to the insured vehicle, including in the event of an accident without third party liability. When choosing your car insurance, it is essential to be aware of the situations that are not covered.

Don’t forget the deductible

Whatever use you make of your vehicle, taking out car insurance is a must. Besides the price, the type of coverage, the deductible is a crucial element. It represents the sum that remains your responsibility. It varies according to the insurer, the type of claim. Some companies offer very low or even non-existent deductibles, so the premiums are higher. The exclusions of the guarantees are to be taken into account, they are of two types. Legal, they include in particular the fact of driving without a license.

They can play if the driver involved in a claim is under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. If the driver commits a hit-and-run, the damage caused by the accident will not be covered. It is important to select a contract that suits your profile and your driving habits. Do not hesitate to play the competition, do not give in to haste. Comparing the different contracts is the best way to save money, to have personalized insurance.

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