What are the best clothes steamers on Amazon?

How to use the garment steamer correctly?

The garment steamer very quickly became an indispensable accessory in showrooms and clothing stores. It is also very practical for home use. Steaming with this device is easier to achieve than ironing with a conventional iron. Its use therefore does not require any particular know-how. Moreover, it acts quickly. However, the use of this smoothing device must be done with the right gestures to be effective.

In practice, you must first start by filling the water tank. While the steam heats up, hang the garment you want to steam with a hanger. Be careful never to pass the steamer in operation on a garment still worn at the risk of burning yourself. When the device begins to release hot steam, pass it vertically, firmly grasping its handle. Approach the steamer as close as possible to the garment without touching it, then slide it up and down. Repeat until the creases disappear. Here are some other tips for getting better results:

  • Be sure to stretch the fabric when using the steamer
  • On thick clothes, let the steam penetrate by placing the diffuser head directly on the fabric and rubbing lightly on the most wrinkled parts
  • To remove the last wrinkles, pass the diffuser head inside the garment, i.e. on the reverse side
  • Always steam vertically, from top to bottom, starting at the top of the garments

If you’re struggling to find the perfect garment steamer, choose from our selection of the top 5 models on Amazon.

Our pick: Ultra-fast 2-in-1 portable clothes steamer

One of the reasons people buy a clothes steamer is that it doesn’t take much time to use. The proof is with the Cadrim 1500W 280ML portable clothes steamer and iron that our team has chosen. The efficiency of this steamer is mainly due to its power of 1500 W which gives it a heating time of only 20 seconds. The resulting high-pressure steam smoothes and refreshes all types of fabrics. This portable device can also dust and deodorize clothes, but also linens. Powerful, this steamer at the top of our list runs continuously for up to 20 minutes. This is enough to iron 5-6 garments on average, before having to recharge. Thanks to its integrated electric pump, the smoothing of fabrics is faster. When the 280ml tank is empty, you can remove it quite easily for refilling. In addition, this garment steamer can be used like a classic iron, that is to say horizontally, thanks to its anti-leakage design. The device is certified by CE, GS, ROHS, CB, and PAH.

Lightweight and easy to handle portable clothes steamer

During your travels, you may have difficulty ironing your wrinkled clothes in your suitcases. The best solution is to use the WiredLux S200 Pro clothes steamer. We have selected this device because it is suitable even for people who are not very good at ironing. This portable travel steamer has the advantage of being very light and easy to use. It’s ready in 25 seconds and can take up to 10 minutes. The powerful steam it produces can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and dust mites on your clothes. It also eliminates cigarette, food and other odors. Despite this power, this steamer can be used on delicate and very fine fabrics without any problem. Perfectly waterproof, this device can also be used at an angle of 360 degrees, even without an ironing board. After use, store it in your suitcase.

Steamer with large capacity tank

Smooth your clothes more effectively with this Welltin Travel Vertical Steamer selected by our team. In addition to its 2000 W power, this device has a large capacity tank of 400ml, which extends its use time. The vapor that comes out is powerful and concentrated. The heavy-duty metal panel also gives you the ability to steam heavy fabrics such as wool, denim and plush. This does not prevent it from being effective on more delicate fibers such as linen, nylon or silk thanks to its two modes of use (powerful steam and weak steam). This steamer deserves your attention, because it gets rid of the most stubborn wrinkles, but also bacteria on clothes. If its battery is low during use, simply plug its 2m cable into a mains and your ironing will not be interrupted.

Compact and foldable clothes steamer

If you need a small, yet powerful device that can be stored in your travel essentials, the Philips 3000 Series Compact Steamer is what you need. This device emits a continuous hot steam of up to 20g/min to eliminate wrinkles, but also bacteria and bad odors on your clothes. Thanks to its compact and easy-to-hold design, it can pass through areas that are usually difficult to iron. This steamer is, in our opinion, the ideal solution for steaming fine and delicate fabrics, as it has a no-burn guarantee thanks to its SmartFlow plate. After use, you can fold it up and put it away so as not to clutter your storage spaces. You do not risk any water leaks.

Energy-saving steamer for all types of clothes

the Rowenta Access Steam+ DR8150 clothes steamer that we have chosen is a device that is both practical and efficient. It can unfold thin, medium and heavy fabrics fairly quickly. This vertical iron has an ironing center of 7.2 bars of pressure, delivering a burst of steam of 450 g/min and a steam output of 120 g/min. This eliminates the most stubborn by reducing the ironing time. Its Microsteam 400 laser brush soleplate ensures better steam distribution. This technology also points the pleats with greater precision. Another advantage of this device is that it allows an energy saving of 20% compared to the maximum level of steam output. The 190ml tank is also detachable for prolonged use.

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