“We ensure the ongoing development of our tools to always be at the forefront of technology”, Johanne FURIO (marketing and communications manager SAGESSE Assurances)

The SAGESSE network specializes in insurance brokerage for individuals and professionals, and has agreed to look back on its year 2022 through Johanne FURIO, Marketing and Communications Manager, who answered a few questions about the development of the network this year.


The new alternative to the insurance industry

The SAGESSE network specializes in insurance brokerage for individuals and professionals, and offers you comprehensive support as part of your brokerage business.

What is your assessment of this year 2022? Did you achieve your goals?

Our goal has been reached. We receive a large number of applications each year. Our network’s insurance brokerage and business model attract many candidates every year. Our vision remains unchanged: we study with the greatest care every profile that presents itself and are very selective in the recruitment of our affiliates. The candidate must have experience with insurance, must be motivated and have a personality and work philosophy in line with the strong values ​​conveyed by the network. The new subsidiaries in 2022 each present a very good profile. Since SAGESSE is already well established in the national territory, it is important to us that each new affiliate is validated with care in order to maintain the image and quality level that the network requires.

What were your milestones in 2022? Which projects are you most proud of?

We pursue the various strategic and digital developments to better support the members of our network and stay ahead of the curve. In 2022 we celebrated SAGESSE’s 35th anniversary and gathered more than 100 guests. It is a great pride to see what has been achieved and to note the great development and everyone’s satisfaction. We are happy with the turn the network is taking, largely linked to the quality of our partnerships, the work and involvement of our affiliates and the management centers, which are also heavily invested in development and group life. The group continues to grow over the years and has good prospects for the coming years.

Have you implemented new tools and/or new practices?

We ensure the ongoing development of our tools to always remain at the forefront of technology and enable members of the network to optimize their working time. We propose during the year the implementation of various commercial operations aimed at increasing the turnover of subsidiaries. We work all year round on a case-by-case basis to offer our subsidiaries tailored support according to their needs.

What stocks and deals have you made to deal with inflation?

Our method is solid and above all it generates a lot of word of mouth, “To persevere, to keep the products in place and to create new insurance solutions in line with the market. The success of the group is mediated by the success of our affiliates, we will support every member of the network according to their needs to ensure the sustainability of each point of sale.

Have you observed changes in the behavior of franchise candidates? What have been their biggest concerns this year?

Insurance brokerage is a very popular business sector. As such, we are in high demand for profiles coming from the sector or in total retraining. In order to maintain a high level of quality, we focus on profiles with significant experience in the industry. This is an important point at SAGESSE.

What are your development projects and your expectations for 2023?

We have the project to integrate ten affiliates during the year by strengthening the poles where we are already well represented to complete the regional network that is already well in place and by integrating affiliates in regions where we are still poorly represented: Brittany, Eastern France, North. …

What is your network’s priority in 2023?

Keep the members of the network in place by allowing them to develop. Prioritize quality over quantity: Our network is rooted in the long term.

A positive word to end: what inspires you 2023?

In 2023, the broker’s place in the insurance sector will grow more than ever. Inflation and the loss rate recorded in 2022 goes against low cost insurance and reduced prices. This is where the broker’s role takes on its full meaning: more than ever, policyholders need a professional and quality contact person to help them choose their insurance. We are sure and convinced that our profession represents the future of insurance.

How do you register for the SAGESSE Assurances network?

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