Warzone 2.0 – Al Mazrah Map Guide: 5 Pro Tips

Complete overhaul of the movement system, new weapons… Of all the maps above Warzone 2.0, Al-Mazrah is the one that best concentrates all the latest improvements to the Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty. So to hope to stay competitive in the merciless wasteland, you better take the advice of one of the best players in the world…


Take advantage of the buildings around you

After several weeks of play, Jukeyz assures: he is a fan of the Al Mazrah card. “What immediately struck me about this map (and which we saw less of in the first version of Warzone) was the number of buildings. They allow you to do all sorts of pretty cool jumps and knock down opponents – a play style that which I really like and couldn’t put too much weight on Caldera. On this point, Warzone 2.0 has clearly reignited the flame. Now I enjoy studying each building so I can make unexpected jumps, capture opposing teams and kill all their members. “

Jukeyz is formulaic: you’ll be better off playing slower

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“In Warzone 2.0, there’s no point in running around all the time. We are not in Verdansk. So yeah, I know, for the past few years my playstyle has been pretty race-based, but I realized that on a map like Al Mazrah, you shouldn’t be afraid to slow down. It pays off. It was by adopting this style of play that Lenun and I placed second in the OpticTexas tournament in November”.


Get ready for fewer buybacks

“Repurchase, [cette fonctionnalité qui permet de payer pour respawn, ndlr] it’s almost done. And that, especially in competition, is really cool. Before I used to play Call of Duty and see tons of buybacks per game. game… So it was kind of a race against time to stop opponents from respawning. In Warzone 2.0, there are fewer places to activate the buyback feature… And less money floating around. To succeed, you have to be particularly good. If you can’t find the money, you must manage to eliminate the entire opposing team, collect your nest egg and only then pay to revive your teammate. All this gives the most talented the opportunity to really shine and be rewarded”.


This is the class for you

Portrait of player Jukeyz during the Liam James 2022 tournament at Warzone 2.0 in Dallas.

Jukeyz while filming his YouTube Gaming series “See me in NA”

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Warzone 2.0 has only just been released and few players have yet managed to decide which class is the most meta to chain Top 1… Except Jukeyz. Here are his tips.

“I use the TAQ 56, to which I add a Kastov 74U SMG. Although I see many players using the vector SMG (probably the most cheated gun in the game), I have a slight preference for the AK and its speed. In summary, I now favor mobility over the rapid chain of kills. Some players also use LMGs (which still do a lot of damage), but again, I prefer mobility. I’m really doing some great stuff with TAQ right now, so I’ll keep at it until a better weapon comes along.”


Move the boundaries of time and space

The final piece of advice from Jukeyz? Don’t hesitate to use slide cancel, this sliding cancellation technique that allows you to move in an ultra-fast manner.

“When I started playing Warzone in 2020, not many people, including myself, were using the slide cancel technique… I was one of the first to really democratize it and I’ve become a of the best thanks to that. I took this technique with me into Warzone 2.0. I think what separates a professional from an amateur is really speed and time management. If you manage to make the game faster than that, you are not far from the level of the professionals.”

How to make the game even better? Jukeyz has his little idea…

While Jukeyz has been raving about Warzone 2.0, he is convinced that a small change can maximize the game’s competitiveness:

“The more I play this card the more I like it. But I still think the lack of health points is a problem. We really die too fast. Having 30% more life could solve all of this”…

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A streaming star and one of the best competitive players on the field, Liam ‘Jukeyz’ James is one of the best in the world at Call of Duty: Warzone.

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