Comprehensive cancellation cover with appropriate deductibles:

Epidemic guarantee with a deductible of €30

• Quarantine of the Insured in the 14 days prior to departure following contamination with COVID-19 justified by a medical authority. Proof will be required.
• Refusal of boarding by the Insured following a temperature measurement, or a positive result for COVID 19 of a PCR and/or antigenic test on your arrival at the airport of departure.
• Hospitalization due to an attack on COVID-19 of the Insured or a Member of his family in the 14 days preceding departure.

– The “Everything But” guarantee

The guarantee is granted to you in all cases of cancellation, if your departure is prevented by a random event, which can be justified. By random event we mean any unintentional circumstance on your part or a member of your family and not excluded under this contract, unforeseeable on the day of subscription and resulting from the sudden action of an external cause.

– Cover for natural disasters, riots, attacks

– The strike coverage of the airline and the airport of departure.

The Airplane Misfire

If an unforeseeable event beyond your control, which may be justified, occurs during your pre-routing or post-routing on the journey between your home and the meeting place set by the trip organizer and you cannot not be present at the time set to take your means of transport, we will reimburse you for the purchase of the new plane ticket (one-way), made within 24 hours of the departure initially scheduled, with a maximum of €1,000 per person (if the old plane ticket cannot be reused) to allow you to reach your destination.
This guarantee is granted on condition that you have taken a margin of at least 3 hours to get to the meeting place.


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