Use. Amazon is recruiting 1,700 people in Hauts-de-France for the end-of-year celebrations

Amazon is recruiting in Hauts-de-France before the end of the year holidays. (©Illustration/Adobe Stock)

The period of Christmas and New Year still corresponds to a large spike in orders for the e-commerce giant Amazon. So much so that a extensive recruitment is announced in the Hauts-de-France : 1,700 people are wanted for the sites of Lauwin-Planque (North) and Boves (Sum). Details.

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These seasonal positions will join the more than 5,000 employees at the distribution centers, the sorting center and the delivery agencies in the region, “in order to help the teams in place for picking orders, packing them and preparing them for delivery during the end-of-year holiday period, ”explains the side of the company.

And David Lewkowitz, president of Amazon France Logistique, clarified: “This time of year is also a great opportunity for many seasonal employees to continue their career at Amazon by moving on to permanent employment. Promotion, career development, skills development of our teams are essential at Amazon”.

According to the company, after 24 months on a permanent contract, “a logistics agent earns more than €2,000 gross per month, including a 13th month”. In addition to this remuneration, there are benefits such as “the allocation of free Amazon shares, bonuses, training schemes, or even 1 month of additional paternity/maternity leave offered”.

To find out more and apply for available job offers, simply go to the website.

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