Uncertain future for digital giants

If the financial health of digital giants is rarely questioned, the environment in which they operate seems to show the first signs of feverishness. The consequences for the sector, its employees and even users could be numerous.

Indeed, if during the pandemic, most digital companies have seen their number of users, and with this their turnover greatly increase, it is clear that today, financial experts are warning about I’uncertain future of the environment. The inflation observed in all countries of the world also impacts the digital sector. Facing a overall decline in their purchasing power, users appear to be less and less spendthrift on the digital market. On the business side, this fall in activity and, consequently, in turnover, could have many consequences, starting with massive layoffs which some experts say are to be expected.

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For Meta, for example, doubts about the company’s future seem to contrast with the overall enthusiasm of recent years. While the path taken by Mark Zuckerberg and his teams, in the field of rvirtual reality and the metaverse recently ended in a dead loss over $9.4 billion, Meta’s stock market share has also recently collapsed. In one year, its value has indeed fallen by nearly 70%, thus weakening the company. Microsoft’s business is also disappointing as the US firm experienced its weakest revenue growth in more than half a decade this quarter.

Apple and Amazon are doing better

However, companies do not seem to be on an equal footing in the face of inflationary threat. Indeed, if we look at the commercial activity ofApple for example, despite the slightly disappointing sales of the new iPhone, the general climate of the company remains largely satisfactory and the managers of the brand at Apple are generally optimists. The same observation can be made for Amazon which, since the pandemic in particular, has become firmly anchored in the consumption habits of many French people.

Source: Businessinsider.com

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