Top Health Prize 2023: Roc Eclerc Prévoyance

Roc Eclerc Prévoyance, which participates in the Top Health Prize in the Mutual Insurance and Insurance category, offers various provident contracts to prepare for funerals in advance.

Anticipating your funeral means being able to make your last wishes known but also organizing everything down to the smallest detail to prevent your loved ones from making difficult choices at a painful time. Planning your funeral in advance also relieves your loved ones of a financial burden. Roc Eclerc Prévoyance offers various funeral insurance contracts adapted to all needs.

Roc Eclerc Prévoyance: funeral insurance solutions

For people who wish to relieve their loved ones of the financing and organization of their funeral, it is the service contract of Roc Eclerc Prévoyance that best meets their expectations. This contract combines a tailor-made funeral quote (cremation or burial, choice of coffin, religious or civil ceremony, destination of the ashes, place of burial, announcement, flowers, etc.) associated with an insurance contract so that loved ones can have the necessary capital to have no additional costs to bear when the day comes. Roc Eclerc Prévoyance also offers a capital funeral insurance contract, that is to say without an associated funeral quote. It is to offer the guarantee to the family to have a capital which will be used to settle the funeral bill. People who already have a funeral contract taken out with their bank, their insurance or their mutual insurance company, can take out a Roc Organization contract to associate a funeral quote with their contract and thus plan the details of the organization in advance of their funerals.

Why trust Roc Eclerc Prévoyance?

Choosing Roc Eclerc means benefiting from a network of authorized experts present throughout France (nearly 700 agencies at your service), quality products and services at a fair price, a personalized funeral contract on – measure in accordance with your choices and your budget. In addition, the contracts offer 24/7 assistance for you and your loved ones. What’s more? At Roc Eclerc, offers are designed for everyone with no medical questionnaire, no health declaration, no application fees and no age limit.

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