Top 3 cities to pay your car insurance cheaper

If the cost of gas is skyrocketing, there is always room for savings on your car insurance. The offer is multiple and, as surprising as it may seem, it varies greatly from one city to another. Zoom on the most competitive of them.

Why does the price vary from one city to another?

Did you know that the prices of auto contracts are freely defined by the insurance organizations themselves? In fact, insurers begin by studying local statistics, before establishing the level of risk that each of them entails. This is called the coefficient. It is based on several factors:

  • The percentage of claims is evaluated depending on where the vehicle is parked. This is index number 1 to define the overall amount of insurance. You should know that the number of damages (accidents, thefts, damage, etc.) directly impacts the price of your insurance premium. And of course, some cities have a higher average damage rate than others, which justifies the variation in values, more or less important.
  • The circulation rate. It is interesting to note that the place where you drive inevitably influences the price of your insurance. The contribution is calculated on the basis of the traffic density and the estimated risk of accidents. The higher these rates, the more its amount increases. This is why often, in rural areas, the rates are much more advantageous than in the more frequented cities.
  • climatic events. Bad weather (storms, floods, hail, etc.) and other natural disasters are likely to lead to an increase in the cost of your car insurance, to allow insurers to amortize the deficit of unforeseen expenses.

So, in your opinion, which cities are the winners of this combination of criteria? Above all, how to find the formula that allows you to pay for cheap car insurance? This is what we are going to explain to you right away: follow the guide!

Nantes, Bordeaux and Clermont-Ferrand top the pack

Obviously, your auto policy will be more affordable if you live in an area with few claims and reasonable traffic density. To cover your vehicle at reduced costs, it is better to live in the west of France than anywhere else… Yes, it is in Brittany that drivers have the most competitive rates! But not only. Nantes, Bordeaux and Clermont-Ferrand won the competition hands down. And against all odds, it is not Paris that has the highest prices (the capital even comes in 4th position among the most accessible cities). It is in the PACA region, in Marseilles and Nice that prices are panicking.

By residing in Nantes, you should on average pay 28 euros/month to cover your vehicle against all risks (and 10 euros/month to insure it against a third party). In Marseille, this cost will reach 41 euros/month for all-accident insurance, and 15 euros/month for third-party insurance. The differences in practiced values ​​can thus be around 50%!

But of course, you’re not going to move to pay less for your car insurance policy… Fortunately, tools exist to make your life easier, regardless of the city in which you live. Discover our favorite without further delay.

Find the best insurance contract according to your profile

Now you know where to put your suitcases if you want to save money all year round! Only, as we have explained to you, the insurance companies are based on several indices to define the prices of their formulas. So, how to find the most attractive car insurance?

Good news: some online comparators are there to make your job easier. For example, provides you with an insurance comparator. This tool allows you to source the most advantageous guarantees and options based on your profile and current needs.

You will have access to the annual amount of your premium and that of the various deductibles, to the insurance formula and to the additional options available. In a few minutes, you receive several quotes for free.

As you will have understood, the calculation of the monthly cost of your car insurance is based on a lot of evolving criteria. You can certainly find a favorable formula to counter the rise in gas prices. It’s up to you to go hunting for good deals!

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