To lower your electric bill this winter, Amazon is cutting the price of this essential accessory by 30%

News good plan To lower your electric bill this winter, Amazon is cutting the price of this essential accessory by 30%

This winter promises to be tough for the French, especially in light of recent government directives asking households to limit the heating of their interiors to 19°C. In any case, given the sky-high prices, many will have no choice but to lower the temperature or even turn off their heating. Amazon helps you with your approach by breaking down the price of this essential accessory.

30% off Cayenne Inertia Heater available at Amazon

We don’t necessarily think about it, as it may seem obvious, nevertheless the radiator is perhaps the element this winter that deserves to be chosen with the most attention. We just found a 1500W radiator that goes everywhere so as not to clash with an interior.

Buy the Cayenne inertia radiator for €209.90 on Amazon

The Cayenne inertia radiator thus loses 30% of its price, bringing it down to €209.90 instead of €299 at Amazon.

The Cayenne inertial heater is programmable and is perfect for helping to reduce your electricity bill

This winter will be tough for everyone, but don’t panic. You also don’t have to resign yourself to turning off your heating completely. So yes, you’ll need to be mindful of your energy use this winter, and bringing out Christmas sweaters won’t be a luxury.

You can also choose to change your old appliances, which have become a little too energy-demanding, to replace them with more modern ones that will consume less.

The Cayenne inertia radiator is a good example, as in addition to its ability to fit into your interior, it is equipped with a wide range of interesting functions to manage its electricity consumption. You can e.g schedule it weekly or apply a parental lock to prevent your kids from playing with the temperature as they like.

When it comes to temperature, you can set your Cayenne inertial heater between 13 degrees and 30 degrees. You then do what you want, but we remind you that the rule during this winter period is only 19 degrees. Being an inertial radiator, the latter can dissipate some heat in the event of a power failure.

To control all these settings, the radiator has a touch screen, which will not clash with the sobriety of the overall design.

Buy the Cayenne inertia radiator for €209.90 on Amazon

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