Three completely false myths about Amazon Alexa

Alexa is one of the most used virtual assistants in the world. In some countries, it even surpasses Google Assistant, arguably one of the leading assistants on the planet. The many different languages ​​have made Amazon’s smart speakers even more popular.

The technological development, which has exploded in an astonishing way over the last ten years, arouses in many people a certain kind of resistance. Controlling speakers, light bulbs, televisions, security cameras and even home intercoms with a single device is a source of distrust.

Am I being spied on, am I being recorded, can they access my information? These are common problems for users of all ages. However, the intelligent system notifies you of all these situations.

Based on an article by Computer Hoy, we will therefore dispel several myths about Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa.

Is he still checking us in?

This is the first doubt that arises among many users. The clear answer is no, Alexa doesn’t record us all the time, and it doesn’t do it without our permission. In the virtual assistant’s settings, you can check the voice history to see what they’ve recorded and remove permissions if you want.

Other than that, Alexa only records through devices connected to the assistant, and we only repeat if they have given permissions.

Systems vulnerable to hackers

Another logical and possible fear. Any electronic device running operating systems is subject to vulnerabilities. It contains information such as passwords, e-mails and usernames.

But Alexa is no more vulnerable than a mobile phone, tablet or computer. If you have some of these qualities, why not hire a virtual assistant?

It only shows ads from Amazon

If we’ve already told you that Alexa doesn’t listen to your conversations, it’s clear that it doesn’t take advantage of that to only show you the company’s ads. You will receive the same SDAs as usual, and among them you may be able to get one from Amazon.

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