This Hidden Amazon Page Can Save You Big on Hundreds of Products

On Amazon, there is a hidden page to save as much as possible. (Photo: Getty Images)

Do you know the hidden page of Amazon on which it is possible to save a lot? We just reveal to you here…

Shortage, pandemic, war… for several months, inflation has not known the crisis. But our wallets do. At the grocery store, at the dealership and at the pump, everything is going up. So inevitably, we start to count everything to avoid breaking the bank and we look for all the tips and tricks to save. If you are an Amazon user, then maybe you will be interested in this hidden section that offers big savings on hundreds of products.

What is the Amazon Coupons Page?

On this slightly hidden page are time-limited offers through which customers can select a coupon, which will be automatically applied at checkout. In short: no need to manually enter all your discount codes when taking out your card. Everything is done automatically.

Where can I find Amazon’s coupon page?

To find this constantly updated page on Amazon, we had to do a little digging. But we slip you our secret: simply type the word “coupon” in the Amazon search bar, then click on the word “coupons” which appears just below. Here you are on the famous page.



For convenience and speed, simply click here to access Amazon’s coupon area.

How much can I save with Amazon coupons?

Amazon coupons can offer great discounts. It is indeed possible to use as many coupons as desired, without any limit… So inevitably, it will be possible to save between 50 cents and several tens of euros on your basket. Additionally, when a coupon is selected and used, the customer saves an additional 20% on their cart.

However, beware: each coupon collected can only be used once, which means that buyers can only purchase one unit of a product with the discount (see coupon terms and conditions right here).

What products can I save money on?

But what exactly is there in this section? Well, a bit of everything. Everyday products, robot vacuum cleaners, small household appliances, jewelry, high-tech or beauty products… The coupons change regularly and are limited in number and time. For example, right now you can:

View all current coupons

Dozens of coupons are available and you can select the category you are interested in to save time. It’s your turn.

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