This #1 Selling Repair Kit on Amazon will help you take care of your watch

Watches are fragile and delicate accessories, which must be handled with great care. Changing the batteries, adjusting a bracelet, opening a case… The slightest manipulation can prove to be complex if you do not have the appropriate tools. Whether you have an analog, digital, quartz, mechanical, automatic or other watch, you will find all the equipment necessary for its maintenance within the professional quality Eventronic pack. Presented in a black nylon carrying case, the 112 pieces included will allow you to act safely on the dial and the bracelet of your watch. At the top of Amazon sales, the Eventronic watch repair kit is currently available at 19.99 euros. The delivery of your order will be handled free of charge by the e-tailer.

The essential tools to repair your watch are at a low price at Amazon

The Eventronic watch repair kit contains many tools. You will discover in particular a 3-in-1 precision screwdriver, antimagnetic. The band strap link pin remover will serve you to adjust the dimensions of your bracelet. If you want to open the case of your watch, you can count on the opening knife and the professional socket wrench. On the provided metal spring pin, you will also see an engraved metric ruler that will help you measure the width of the legs if needed. Featuring over 100 parts, the Eventronic Watch Repair and Maintenance Kit also includes tweezers, small hammer, case stand, watch band holder, spring pins, and more …

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