The ten best companies to work for in Israel. Google, SAP… Microsoft in No. 1. – IsraelValley

Dunn & Bradstreet has ranked the top ten companies to work for in Israel, and despite the economic crisis, are the best.

It seems that they have been able to manage the crisis correctly and maintain a high level of satisfaction among their employees.

“What is important for employees is not ice in the fridge, but stability – knowing where the business is going and knowing how to plan their lives and careers accordingly,” eexplains Efrat Segev, vice president of data and analytics at Dunn & Bradstreet.

At the top of the list is Microsoft Israel Research and Development for the 4th consecutive year. and in the top ten you can find Cyberark, Intel, Intuit, SAP, Google, Monday, Iron Source and Salesforce.

“Even in difficult times, it’s important to do the maximum to allow employees to thrive and give them a sense of security,” said Roi Fleishman, director of communications and digital at Microsoft Israel Research and Development, The recipe for success.

“We give them the opportunity to work on projects that interest them, to lead the development of technologies that affect millions of people around the world. We offer them a flexible working environment, in which it is pleasant to be a part. »

What characterizes this year’s ranking is the less alarming situation of high-tech companies, many of which are experiencing a decline in stock markets and, consequentlyrationalize and reduce their conditions.

Some companies also dropped in the rankings compared to last year or left the list altogether, including Facebook, Itoro, Fortor and Wakami.

But it seems that despite what is happening in the industry, tech companies are still the companies that know best how to reward employees, and they set an example for the rest of the companies in the Israeli economy.

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