The takeover of Manchester United is becoming clearer

The Galzer family’s sale of Manchester United is becoming clearer week by week. The owners of the Mancunian team have already orchestrated a few interviews with potential Qatari or Saudi investors.

We are clearly approaching a final deed for Manchester United. The British team was officially released a few weeks ago. The Glazer family has agreed to sell their jewel to the highest bidder, and he’s going to have to be pretty rich.

We are talking about at least three billion dollars to afford red devils in 2023. So Athletic UK already had some echoes of the first trends.

The Mancunian management has already met several potentially interested investors from the Gulf. We are talking about Qatari and Saudi billionaires in the British press meeting during the 2022 World Cup in Doha.

Avram Glazer is said to have taken these interviews to express his family’s intentions to part ways with Man United before the end of the first quarter of 2023.

The nature of the discussions with all these beautiful people would not be very clear at the moment. However, we feel that the dynamics are quite positive for a fairly quick takeover process.

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