The social damage caused by the unemployment insurance reform was finally quantified

In recent weeks, the government has gone headlong into a new version of its social security fund reform, without even knowing the effects of the previous one, which took full effect in 2021. An internal document from Unédic, presented to the member organizations in his office, nevertheless draws a bitter conclusion. If the planned savings are there and even exceed the forecasts – the joint body has turned a profit in 2022 – those deprived of their jobs will have to put up with a drastic decrease in their rights. The document thus points out that the proportion of unemployed people compensated by Pôle emploi rose from 40% in December 2021 to 36% in June 2022.

As predicted by the unions that had unanimously opposed the 2021 reform, the big losers are the most precarious. Due to the new rules for calculating the reference daily wage, the basic compensation unit, people who have alternated between periods of work and inactivity have taken the full brunt of the austerity measures imposed by the government. According to data from Unédic, people affected by a reduction in their compensation saw their daily reference wages fall by 22%. Their compensation, on the other hand, has fallen by 16% compared to the old rules. “In June 2022, 40% of the compensated unemployed lived on less than 30 euros a day”specifies Denis Gravouil, of the CGT. “To think that the unemployed are privileged with such numbers, it’s unbelievable”he adds.

decrease in rights

Raising the threshold from four to six months of work to open new rights also causes serious social damage. The openings of new rights in June 2022 were lower by 20% compared to their level in June 2019. Here again, it is the most uncertain who is toasting. The entitlement openings have thus fallen by 37% among temporary workers, by 30% among people who have had a fixed-term contract, and by 26% among under-25s.

If the data revealed by Unédic is hardly a surprise to the CGT, it nevertheless reveals the extent of “carnage” which the management has tried to hide. “The government has never published any document on the effects of its reform”, condemns Denis Gravouil. The management has not deviated from its habits for the new provisions in unemployment insurance, which come into force next February. The text, adopted without an impact assessment, will this time concern all unemployed workers when their rights expire.

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