The Russians are developing technology to hunt down Starlink antennas

Starlink antennas are of great help to the Ukrainian forces. And Moscow obviously wants to get rid of that. With this in mind, the Russian army will naturally field test a new technology to track them remotely.

A Starlink antenna © SpaceX

Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, SpaceX has been providing free satellite internet service to the besieged people. Thousands of terminals were shipped to the country without a network due to the Russian strikes. War-torn areas could thus benefit from broadband. At the front, Ukrainian soldiers used Starlink as a communication tool, but also to control drones.

After declaring that he could no longer provide the service for free, Elon Musk even changed his mind. Thus, Ukraine continues to benefit from Starlink free of charge. Meanwhile, a Russian arms manufacturer says it can help its country detect and bomb aerials.

Called the Sestroretsk Arms Factory, this mysterious company claims on its website to have developed the “Borshchevik” system, which would be calibrated to locate Starlink antennas at a distance of up to 10 km.

Moscow wants to end Starlink antennas in Ukraine

The technology would be able to detect its target within 5 to 60 meters of its actual location. The system can be installed on a moving vehicle to detect Starlink activity on the front line. One image shows the system deployed via a large antenna above a Russian Humvee. Urban area, more open external environment, forest… Borshchevik would operate in several theaters of intervention.

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However, it is not yet clear how effective the technology is. According to a Telegram channel close to the Russian army and the Wagner group (Reverse Side of the Medal), the system was soon to be tested on the Ukrainian front.

Aware of the crucial nature of Starlink in the defense of Ukraine, Moscow is naturally trying to put the antennas out of service. And Borshchevik could prove to be a great help in this endeavour.

Source: mkpborshchevik

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