the release date confirmed by Microsoft?

GTA 6 is expected of all so much GTA 5 pulls in length. Moreover, this new opus of Grand Theft Auto might just be the most anticipated release of the decade. A short time ago, we had the right to some leaks concerning the gameplay of the game with several videos which were wandering on the web. Now we might have the release date. Indeed, it was Microsoft who made a dumpling and posted that the title would arrive in 2024. However, no more information than that.

Grand Theft Auto VI for 2024, what we know:

about a month ago, Microsoft and Activision BLIZZARD were still finalizing the outline of the deal before getting into the whole knot sack the FTC is now involved in. In said early acquisition agreement, a document relating to the acquisition of Activision by Microsoft has been leaked. It is in this document that the essential information of this article was disclosed on page 24. Needless to say that the information that Microsoft has is in theory perfectly credible who knows more than the general public.

In a paragraph of the text below we can read:

Take-Two Interactive, which publishes and delivers Grand Theft Auto V, managed to keep it going for many years after its release in 2013, alongside Red Dead Redemption 2. Grand Theft Auto VI is set to release in 2024 . Major digital stores like Steam consider both games to be shooters.

In this document, which is used to validate the takeover, Microsoft explains, among other things, that Activision games do not represent a sufficiently large percentage of the market to harm competition. To support this argument, the company cites Rockstar and Take-Two as two examples with their games. In this part, Microsoft clearly shows that GTA 6 will be launched in 2024.

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