The recap of IT news: Renault/Google, Zoom, VMware, CISPE

Friday, November 11 obliges, your weekly meeting with IT news is brought forward by one day. In summary, “software defined” cars, Zoom email, VMware sovereign and a complaint against Microsoft…

Jean François Le Nilias and Guy Hervier advance their weekly meeting on video, InfoNews Hebdo, by 24 hours and decipher as usual the IT news of recent days. A news marked by a new agreement between Google and Renault to jointly develop an SDV (Software Defined Vehicle) system around an Android base and Google Cloud services. Another highlight of the week was Zoom’s Zoomtopia conference which saw the publisher announce several new services to bring it a little more competition in the collaborative lands of Microsoft and Google with a new email and calendar service. Did the world really need to add more confusion to an already overloaded universe? Our animators take stock!
Another announcement that caught their attention was that of VMware, which is launching a new initiative to promote the development of sovereign cloud solutions in Europe.
The complaint of the week is that of CISPE against… Microsoft, of course. Always stories of licensing and anti-competitive practices. And this time it might hurt…
Finally, our facilitators come back to a study by the CNLL which testifies to the dynamism of open source in France, a market which generated 6 billion euros.
Welcome to this new issue of InfoNews Hebdo…


00:50 Renault and Google: When the car becomes a computer on wheels
>> Renault wants to develop a car OS based on Google Android

04:45 Zoom launches into email and calendars
>> Zoom gets to email and calendar

8:25 VMware Explores Sovereign Cloud
>> VMware wants to facilitate the rise of sovereign clouds

11:00 Cyberattacks: Seine & Marne after Seine Maritime

13:50 CISPE files a complaint against Microsoft
>> CISPE files new complaint against Microsoft


16:20 The healthy dynamism of open source in France


19:20 The “GREEN IT” morning of IT for Business

Thursday, November 16 in person.
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21:40 After Twitter, it’s the turn of Meta (Facebook) to announce a massive layoff plan


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OpenAI, GitHub and Microsoft accused of violating open-source licenses with AI CoPilot!

DocuSign wants to make digital signing even easier with its Release 3 2022

Elastic focuses on user experience while multiplying ads

Python, Java and C++ skills in high demand

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