the multiplayer games have arrived, the visios are really going to be endless

It is well known, between friends or family, a game session creates a bond. Microsoft therefore proposes to promote good working relations with your colleagues by launching a series of games accessible in Teams, the home communication application.

Games for Work / Credit: Microsoft

We can only agree with Jill Braff, director of integration and casual gaming at Microsoft, when she says that “playing with colleagues is a good way to foster relationships and collaboration”. She goes so far as to suggest that according to a scientific study, teams that engage in short video game sessions are 20% more productive than others. That said, playing Fortnite and other FPS is out of the question. To “unify our teams”, Microsoft suggests that we use an app called “Games for Work”.

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It is true that the COVID crisis and the advent of telework have made us lose everything that made office life so special. Informal discussions at the coffee machine, more or less friendly relations between colleagues. Our professional relationships have deteriorated. Fortunately, communication tools such as Discord, Zoom and other Microsoft Teams allow us to maintain a link with others.

Microsoft Teams offers to play with colleagues through Games for Work

Playing, even in a network, can therefore be a good way to maintain the spirit of collaboration and healthy competition in a team of collaborators. Game apps offered by Microsoft are integrated into Teamsand each emphasizes a different aspect of what is known in managerial terms as “team building”.

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Four games are available. Microsoft IceBreakers, is a quiz that serves to break the ice and get to know each other. Wordament is a word game in which you have to compose as many words as possible with contiguous letters. Solitaire is a card game that needs no introduction, while Minesweeper, the mythical minesweeper, is the game that benefits the most from its passage in multiplayer. Because yes, the particularity of this series of games is that it can be played with several people. It is possible to involve 2 to 250 colleagues simultaneously. Games for Work is free. It is available in Microsoft Teams, whether in its web version or in iOS and Android apps.

Source: Microsoft

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