The most powerful rocket ever created by SpaceX will finally take off for a mission

News hardware The most powerful rocket ever created by SpaceX will finally take off for a mission

SpaceX is always going further in the world of aeronautics. Elon Musk’s company introduced us three years ago to the Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket in the world. After numerous tests, the machine will finally see space again at the end of 2022.

The most powerful SpaceX rocket in the world

After three years without a new mission, the Falcon Heavy has undergone many changes and internal tests to take off to new horizons.

Billionaire Elon Musk’s company continues to surprise us by recently announcing that the Falcon Heavy would have to return to service. This rocket consists of three gigantic boosters that form the entire first stage of the rocket during its scheduled liftoff from launch pad PAD 39A at Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

On the images provided by SpaceX we see the three boosters already connected to the body of the rocket. You should know that these are equipped with 27 Merlin engines, originally developed for the Falcon 1 and 9 launchers. The Merlin has a maximum thrust of 2268 tons which is simply enormous.

With a total of three launches and seven successful landings in internal testing, the Falcon Heavy is the most impressive rocket that SpaceX has ever created.. The Falcon Heavy is capable of carrying up to 64 tonnes of material with a thrust 747 times greater than a conventional airliner. Tell yourself that’s about twice the size of a Delta IV Heavy United Launch Alliance, which is already phenomenal.

No less than 70 meters high and 12.2 meters wide, the rocket alone weighs 1,420,788 kg. If you have trouble remembering this rocket, tell yourself that it was this famous model that propelled a Tesla into orbit in 2019.

The Falcon Heavy has not been equaled since its launch in 2019 and its Merlin engines have something to do with it.

A new mission for SpaceX

According to information provided by SpaceX, the Falcon Heavy will soon come into play for the USSF-44 mission. The most powerful rocket in the world will have the mission of sending into geostationary orbit no less than two satellites classified for the US Space Force. Obviously, no image of the satellites has been broadcast for the moment since it is a specific order for the American army, therefore top secret.

One of the greatest qualities of the Falcon Heavy is the possibility of reusing the boosters after a first launch. For this mission, the Falcon Heavy will be propelled by three boosters powered by Merlin engines, but only two boosters will land on the platforms provided for this purpose. The last booster will end up in the ocean and will therefore not be recovered.

Landing boosters

The most powerful rocket ever created by SpaceX will finally take off for a mission

For the moment, no date has been communicated about this mission. As usual, we will learn more as the mission deadline approaches with a live broadcast on SpaceX accounts. This kind of launch remains quite rare since it is a mission including an overpowered rocket which has been further improved since its exploits in 2019.

If the mission is a success, the numerous booster landing tests carried out over the past three years will have borne fruit. If two boosters manage to land following the mission, Elon Musk’s company will be set for a potential even more ambitious mission.

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