the left and the trade unions condemn a hardening “by stealth” on Christmas Eve

The Ministry of Labor presented its draft decree on unemployment insurance to its labor market partners on Friday. It allows for a reduction in the duration of compensation by 40% if the unemployment rate reaches 6%. A hardening, known since the end of November, but which inherits in full celebration.

A revision of the draft decree on unemployment insurance, which was sent to trade union bodies on Friday just before New Year’s Eve, is not going down well with union representatives and some left-wing personalities.

The revised version of the text plans to reduce the duration of compensation for jobseekers by 40% instead of 25% if unemployment falls below 5%. Problem: This austerity was originally planned for an unemployment rate below 6% and the social partners claim not to have been consulted.

“The government is sitting a little more on jointism”

The CFDT was the first to react to this announcement: it “regrets and condemns once again a new arbitration in favor of the most vulnerable”. In its press release on Saturday, the first trade union in France confirms that it “will fight for the most precarious, long-term unemployed and in particular the seniors” so that they “do not suffer from this new injustice”.

Laurent Berger, Secretary General of the CFDT, insisted on “sheer disloyalty” which the government has demonstrated due to the absence of “consultation of the social partners”. Denis Gravouil, responsible for unemployment insurance for the CGT, commented to Franceinfo that “in substance as in method it is a very bad Christmas present”.

Even more, Jean-Fran├žois Foucard, federal secretary of the CFE-CGC, believes that the fact that “doing this secretly on December 23 proves that they do not have a good conscience”. “The government is sitting a little more on jointism. This is unacceptable,” he insisted.

A version of the reform that attracts the ire of the left

The political figures on the left of the French political landscape were also quick to react stiffly. Communist leader Fabien Roussel tweeted, for example, “Santa Claus is garbage 2”.

For his part, the first secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, described the executive as “the government of the bogeyman”, recalling that the first version of this reform already brought an average reduction of 16% in compensation.

The lexical field of Christmas is therefore appropriate to condemn the government’s adjustments and thus mark the beginning of an outcry against this reform, which is considered imperfect. With a hint of sarcasm, deputy LFI Alma Dufour, she, shared his Christmas greetings“except for members of the government who have prepared a fine present for the French”.

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