The language stay in England: the alliance between travel and learning

As the air of strict confinement associated with the pandemic has dissipated, borders are opening again and the ability to travel with it. A language stay in England may thus seem to be the most suitable solution to combine the pleasure of a change of scenery and cultural discovery with an immersive learning of the universal language that English is.

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Aerial view of London and Tower Bridge, England, UK
Aerial view of London and Tower Bridge, England, UK © heyangel / iStockphoto / Getty Images/iStockphoto

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QWhether it is for a first travel experience, an improvement for a job, a diploma or even for the pleasure of learning a language through its culture, the different Anglo-Saxon cities have all the characteristics that best suit your taste.

If classroom teaching is an essential foundation, the daily and immersive practice that language travel allows is unmatched for in-depth language learning. Added to this is the opportunity to share this experience with a group of people from all over the world. Regardless of your level or age, it’s never too late to develop new skills. While France is now only 31st out of 112 (EF English Proficiency Index ranking) for proficiency in English, having a solid foundation in this language is a real asset to your future, both personally and professionally. Due to its geographical proximity and richness of a protean culture, England remains the perfect destination to develop your practice in the language of Shakespeare.

Staying closer to your needs

Today, in a time of communication and increased mobility, there is an extended stay offer (from a week to a year) and adapted to all types of profiles, which could give you the opportunity to go on the language journey that will change your life. It is thus possible for you to compose your stay à la carte, whether it is to pass a certification (TOEFL, TOEIC, etc.) with intensive courses with certified teachers or to divide your stay between cultural discoveries, sports practices, international meetings and English lessons adapted to your level and your goals. From the teenager in search of autonomy and a change of scenery to the adult who wants to enrich his horizons (financed with the professional training account), you can be accompanied through your steps.

The destination that suits you

A language stay in England attracts you, the choice of city could be the little extra that will make your project unforgettable. The concentration of the territory and the facilities to get around will allow you to easily discover mythical places in the United Kingdom, such as Stonehenge or Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. Whether it’s London with its historic centre, its museums and abundant shops, Manchester with its musical and sporting soul or even Bristol for lovers of the arts and the charm of coastal towns, each city has its own personality, its own culture, everything you have to do is to find the one that suits you best.

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