the invitation sent to Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman goes awry

The invitation sent to Saudi Prince Mohammed Ben Salman to attend the funeral of Elizabeth II is not going down well with the British. Faced with criticism sparked by his possible arrival, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince finally decided not to attend the event on Monday.

As during his trip to France last July, the announcement of the presence of the Saudi prince Mohammed Ben Salman at the funeral of Elizabeth II was not welcomed in the best auspices in England, so much so that the crown prince of Saudi Arabia reportedly made the decision not to attend the funeral on Monday.

According to a diplomatic source, Saudi Arabia should therefore be represented by Prince Turki bin Mohammed Al Saud, one of King Salman’s great-grandsons. A way to calm any tension that would have raised the presence of Mohamed Ben Salman.

A controversial figure

Particularly controversial, accused of being behind the brutal murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi Arabian embassy in Istanbul, Turkey, the Saudi number two is actually heavily criticized in Europe.

Even Hatice Cengiz, the widow of Jamal Khashoggi, immediately reacted on social media, explaining that the Queen’s death was “truly a sad event” and that MBS “should not be allowed to tarnish” the memory of Elizabeth II “by his presence”.

“This is neither the time nor the place for him to seek to normalize his murderous actions. MBS must be held accountable and punished for killing Jamal and countless others,” she wrote.

However, the Saudi and British royal families appear to be united. King Salman had also shown his unwavering support for the new King Charles III since the death of Queen Elizabeth.

In a press release, King Salman explained that he called the one who became King Charles III to “present his condolences” to him and assure him of his “eagerness to strengthen” ties “between their two friendly countries”.

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