The Insurance Evening brings together 400 professionals in Lyon –

Text: Morgan Couturier – Annual meeting of members and insurance professionals, the 3e edition of the insurance evening organized by Planète CSCA Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes made it possible to “remind us of the importance of the sector”.

A place steeped in history has many virtues. It is also the assurance of having a good evening, and more, alongside the many insurance brokerage firms and insurance companies present in this luxurious building that is the Intercontinental. A prestigious site chosen to allow more than 400 guests, members and professionals of the sector, to meet and discuss this sector of activity strongly impacted by the economic and climatic events of recent months.

“This evening allows us to recall the importance of the insurance sector in the economy of the region. Our role is to best defend the interests of our policyholders in a difficult economic and climatic context”, testified Romain Passotchairman of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes steering committee of Planète CSCA, under the watchful eye of the managing director, Christopher Hautbourg and the president of the trade union, Bertrand de Surmont. But while the news suggests a growing number of claims, the insurance brokerage industry continues to gain in consideration.

Better, with its 350 members among the 500 brokerage companies in the region, Planète CSCA is starting to see things big. For his next evenings as for his next activity. Rightly so, as Lyon is increasingly asserting its status as “2e place of insurance in France”.

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