“The government will save on the backs of job seekers”

“A bad Christmas present. The hunt for the unemployed continues”. This is how Dylan Champeau of Inseme a Manca defines the government’s draft decree on unemployment insurance, which allows for a possible reduction of the duration of compensation by 40% and not 25% when the unemployment rate falls below 6% (it is currently at 7, 3 %).

This text, which was revealed on Christmas Eve by the Ministry of Labour, arouses the anger of the unions and the left against the executive branch. “The government’s objective is fixed: to fight the unemployed rather than unemployment itself.” adds the former law candidate, wondering if the government has forgotten that with this project “that it is not for pleasure that people become unemployed, and it is not enough to cross the street to find work. As proof, in France there are approximately 2.3 million unemployed and 350,000 unfilled jobs. Therefore, it is actually work . it is missing and it would be appropriate to create jobs instead of chasing the unemployed.”

The young law student, who has been immersed in left-wing ideas from an early age, gives a very mixed assessment of the unemployment insurance reform that took place in October 2021. “Fewer and fewer people registered with Pôle Emploi are receiving benefits. In addition, the amount of benefits has decreased by 16%, the youngest and those who do small jobs.” For him “This reform was therefore already particularly disastrous for Corsica, since this is where we find the lowest wages, but also a lot of seasonal jobs and unemployed young people!”

“Cynicism about the method”
In addition to tying the length of time an unemployed person is eligible for benefits to the national unemployment rate, this reform also prohibits the payment of compensation to persons who leave their position without notice. In addition, a worker under a fixed-term contract (CDD) who refuses a permanent contract (CDI) twice in the same year will also be denied his unemployment rights.

The promise during Emmanuel Macron’s presidential election campaign was to be miis implemented on February 1, 2023. A last-minute rule change that goes wrong: “The key word is cynicism. From now on, the government intends to pardon the coup d’état by presenting its draft decree on Christmas Eve, no doubt hoping that the project will escape everyone’s attention. Furthermore, without consulting the social actors, the project has been set together…” Dylan Champeau regrets that it is not by using this method that the goal of full employment will be reached in the country. “Cynicism also on the benefits, since the project allows for a reduction of the duration of compensation by 40% according to the unemployment rate in the country, thus throwing job seekers into uncertainty and more insecure. Nothing has therefore been done to allow a return to work, on the contrary, it is to sanction the job seeker. This measure is stigmatizing because it treats the job seeker as if he were responsible for his situation. With this measure, people without jobs will be more exposed to poverty: fewer rights, fewer benefits. The government’s only motivation is to save 4 billion euros on the backs of job seekers.


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