The Deep: An Underwater Thriller for Amazon

According to Deadline, Prime Video commissioned C. Henry Chaisson, screenwriter for the film Hungry with Keri Russell and the series Serving from Apple TV+, to develop a thriller TV series to adapt the novel The depth by Nick Cutter.

The series, currently in development at Amazon Studios, will include prolific writer and executive producer Carlton Cuse (Lost, five days by memory). Henrik Bastin and Melissa Aouate, screenwriters and executive producers of Bosch from Amazon and Bosch – Legacy of Freevee, is also involved.

Seen in the near future, The depth centers on a research station at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, where a miraculous discovery signals new hope for humanity – but the secrets uncovered at the bottom of the ocean could have devastating consequences for the world from above. Published in 2015 in the US, the novel is not to be confused with Peter Benchley’s 1976 novel or the 1977 film.

In addition to Hungry and ServingCrit Chaisson Diary of a Murderer, the English-language adaptation of the short story by Young-ha Kim for Mammoth Pictures and director Kourosh Ahari. He has previously developed an adaptation of Bone white by Ronald Malfi with Amazon and Warren Littlefield.

The series The depth is happening as part of the first-look deal that Cuse signed with Amazon Studios in early 2022, and that after developing Jack Ryanof which he was also the showrunner for the first two seasons, for Prime Video.

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