The Bissell cleaner is causing a buzz at Amazon with this really unexpected promotion

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To clean the stains left by your pets, consider the Bissell cleaner. This device has a 750 watt motor to vacuum and loosen all types of fabrics. Its integrated 1.5 meter hose allows you to clean every corner without being bothered by the distance. You can vacuum dirt from car seats and the sofa, but also stains embedded in carpets and rugs. The Bissell cleaner is displayed at a price of 239.99 euros instead of 259.99 euros at Amazon. This promotion allows you to buy this anti-stain cleaner cheaper. It is specially designed for pets. Find a sofa like new after passing the cleaner on a trace of urine left by your cat. Erase the stains made by your dog when he returns from his walk in an instant. Using the Bissell cleaner is easy and intuitive. You only take a few moments to clean the stains and find a clean interior.

Amazon is offering a flash sale on the Bissell Cleaner. It is part of its selection among the top devices in its category. This cleaner works with Dual Tank technology. It offers two water tanks located on each side of the device. The first tray contains clean water to fade stains. The second tank collects dust and waste. Simply empty it when you are done cleaning your upholstery. Heatwave technology maintains water temperature. It stays warm to better unclog dirt and erase the marks that stain your furniture. For even more efficiency, add a stain remover formula to the tank water.

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