The best smartphone under €350 is sold on Amazon

News good plan The best smartphone under €350 is sold on Amazon

Not everyone has the budget or simply the use of advanced smartphones over 1000€ that everyone is talking about. In 2022, the mid-range is excellent, especially when it is signed Google. The Google Pixel 6A is our editor’s favorite budget smartphone. With the current promotion on Amazon, it is simply the best value for money on the market!

Amazon is selling the Google Pixel 6A and making it the best budget smartphone

It is safe and secure that when money is not an issue, choosing your smartphone is a much easier task. Do you like innovation? Samsung Galaxy Fold4. Want the best in Android, especially for photos? Google Pixel 7 Pro. Prefer iOS? iPhone 14 Pro. There you have it, 3 war machines… all over €1000.

Yes, but now the overwhelming majority of people do not have such a sum to invest, and in the hundreds of entry-level and mid-range smartphone models, it is difficult to make a choice when you do not know about it. very similar. This is where technology journalists can help.

For us, the best under the €350 bar, especially in terms of images, is the Google Pixel 6A, which is currently sold out on Amazon. Launched at €459, the device was already very good value for money when it was released. Today, it’s just a golden deal, and one of Amazon’s bestsellers in its category.

Buy Google Pixel 6A for €345 on Amazon

Google Pixel 6A: why is this Android smartphone so good?

The big strong point of the Google Pixel is above all the image. At this point, the Pixel 6A matches what is being done at the high end by costing 2 or even 3 times less. During our tests conducted in total independence, we were amazed, nothing more, nothing less. Besides, we are not the only ones, all our brothers and sisters agree.

In addition to the image, the Google Pixel 6A is a very good smartphone. Why ? Quite simply because the manufacturer, Google, is also the company behind the Android operating system. The brand’s smartphones work in perfect harmony with the operating system, and it shows. Only Apple can do that.

  • Autonomy level you can relax that is enough to last a day even with intensive use of your smartphone.
  • On the performance side, it’s the same Google-made processor found in the Pixel 6 Pro. It’s a rocket that will run all the most demanding software and games in the Play Store.
  • Despite the price, the Pixel 6A is 5G compatible and offers all the benefits of a high-end smartphone.
  • As for the design, it is edge-to-edge, shockproof, and available in 3 different colors (in the editorial we find the magnificent blue).

You know everything!

Buy Google Pixel 6A for €345 on Amazon

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