The 3 movies added to Prime Video from December 28, 2022

To end the year in style, Amazon Prime video offers you the perfect plan with special programming. Thus, in the last week of the year, you will be entitled to new content focusing on the celebration of Christmas and New Year. But the films that have been added to the streaming platform also offer action, intrigue and adventure. Every taste is catered for.

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Whether you’re spending the holidays with family, friends or alone, you have no excuse to be bored. To put you in a festive atmosphere, find here the 3 movies added to Amazon Prime Video from December 28, 2022.

Save or Perish (2018)

Broadcast date: December 28

Genres: Drama and Thriller

Manager: Frederic Tellier

Summary: Inspired by real events, the story of this film revolves around Franck, a firefighter in Paris since he was 18 years old. He therefore devoted his whole life to protecting and rescuing the citizens from the flames. Furthermore, he has always lived in the barracks with his wife and twin daughters. Surrounded by his satisfied family and his brothers in arms, Franck is happy.

But his story turns tragic when he sacrifices himself for his men during an intervention on a fire. Stunned, he woke up a few days later in a burn treatment center. He then discovers that his face has melted in the flames. From now on, he must learn to live with this sequel, and accept being saved in turn. “Save or Perish” therefore reproduces Franck’s obstacle course. Furthermore, this title is the motto of the Paris Fire Department.

In Cold Blood (2019)

Broadcast date: December 28

Genres: Action and thriller

Manager: Hans Petter Moland

Summary: “Cold Blood” is a remake of the Norwegian film “Cooled”, by the same director (released in 2014). It tells the story of a snow plow driver, Nelson Coxman. He lives in Kehoe, a quiet Colorado ski resort with his family. His daily life is quite peaceful and uneventful. But the day her son Kyle is found dead, her whole existence is turned upside down.

The police investigation concluded a death by heroin overdose. But for his part, Nelson discovers that Kyle has been murdered by the powerful drug lord nicknamed “Viking”. From that moment on, he decided to dedicate the rest of his life to dismantling the cartel and avenging his son’s death. With relentless fury and heavy artillery, he will begin murdering the Vikings’ employees one by one.


Brightburn: Child of Evil (2019)

Broadcast date: December 30

Genres: Horror and science fiction

Manager: David Yarovesky

Summary: In this science fiction film we find a couple of farmers whose lives will be turned upside down forever. The story begins one night when the couple discovers a baby in a space capsule that crashed into their property. Instinctively, the peasants take the boy with them, raise and raise him.

At the age of 12, the young boy already stands out for his intelligence and special skills. As time goes on, he even develops superhuman abilities, and his friends at college find him increasingly strange. In addition to his superpowers, he also exhibits resistance to all damage. But he has difficulty understanding what is happening to him, as the farmers have never told him the truth. But the time has come and they can’t hold her back any longer.


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